Garmin Forerunner 55 is the new sport watch for running enthusiasts

In occasione del World Running Day Garmin annuncia Forerunner 55, the new product of its family of sports watches specifically dedicated to running enthusiasts. It takes the place occupied by the Forerunner 45 range, alongside the models Forerunner 245, Forerunner 745 e Forerunner 945 from which it takes the external design and most of the technical features that are most requested by racing enthusiasts.

In spite of the positioning at the base of the range, with a list price of 199 € including VAT and availability on the market from today in 3 colors, Forerunner 55 does not give up all the technical elements that are the basis of a sports watch dedicated to running: we therefore find the inevitable GPS sensor e optical heartbeat sensor. The latter is that Elevate third generation developed by Garmin, the same adopted by the other products in the Forerunner range. The heartbeat sensor reveals the trend of our heart not only during sports but 24 hours a day, providing useful information on our health and overall condition.

These are the main general functions that characterize Forerunner 55:

  • Daily monitoring: offers the possibility of having an analysis of the level of activity during the day, with counting of steps, detection and calculation of calories consumed, analysis of the quality of sleep and much more.
  • Daily workouts: on the basis of the recorded data, and therefore of the user’s fitness status and recovery times, it provides indications for personalized daily workouts, advising the enthusiast on which specific training is recommended to do according to their condition.
  • Garmin Coach: through this option it is possible to follow, directly on the running watch and Garmin Connect, real free training tables, studied by international coaches, to prepare yourself adequately to run distances of 5, 10 or 21 kilometers.
  • Swimming in the pool: is the integrated app that allows you to record every single stroke, style and number of laps covered during your training session, including specific swimming exercises.
  • Safety: it provides an integrated recognition and detection system in the event of an accident during sporting activity that sends in real time, if connected to your smartphone, an alarm message with the position in which you are located to pre-selected contacts.

There are also advanced options specific to running:

  • PacePro Lite: guides the runner in his own preparation, supporting his run on a preloaded path in an analytical and dynamic way. Not only does it indicate the ideal pace to keep, but modifies it in real time, adapting to the type of path you are following. This is very useful not only for city races (which can still offer some gradients) but above all in races that involve challenging ups and downs, such as mountain running races.
  • Estimation of the final time: allows athletes to select a distance and, on the basis of the data collected up to that moment by the sportwatch, to have a rough indication of their travel time.
  • Cadence alerts: very useful, they inform the runner in real time about their progress, helping them to improve their technique and therefore their performance.
  • Integrated sport and fitness profiles: to keep fit, and alternate running with other activities, it includes integrated profiles of different sports and fitness activities, including virtual running, swimming in the pool, pilates, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and more.
  • Recovery time: after a workout or a race, it provides the user with information on the rest time needed to recover the right physical condition to be able to face the next task in the best possible way.

The integration of tecnologia Firstbeat Analytics allows Forerunner 55 to be used as a tool for the daily analysis of one’s level of physical activity, and therefore of one’s state of well-being. Designed to be worn 24/7, detects daily stress and guides the wearer in breathing exercises to deal with a moment of particular agitation.

Through Body Battery it is possible to view the energy level of your body on the display of the watch, thus being able to identify the most correct time to program workouts or rest times. With Forerunner 55 it is also possible to identify which were the moments of most intense effort during the course of the day. The option Sleep Score, if worn during sleep, it allows the user to have a complete overview of the night’s rest by delivering a score on the quality of their sleep. Finally, for the pink world the monitoring of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, they help women during every phase, even the most particular and delicate ones of their life, providing them with useful advice on nutrition and physical activity.

What’s missing from higher-end Forerunner models? We do not find in Forerunner 55 the barometric altimeter, support for Garmin Pay, integrated cartography for route maps and support for music. The absence of these features confirms the vocation of this smartwatch, proposed by Garmin specifically for running enthusiasts who want a practical and functional device to keep track of their workouts and condition day after day.

Garmin declares abattery life up to 1 week in smartwatch mode and up to 20 hours in GPS mode, more than sufficient for the typical use needs of the racing enthusiast.

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