According to virologist Guido Silvestri, did the virus come out of a laboratory? No! It does not confirm any hypothesis

The Coronavirus thesis escaped from a Wuhan laboratory, whether created by man or not, continues to be kept alive since the beginning of the Pandemic. To date, no one has found the “smoking gun” that fully confirms or disproves this theory, as well as that of its animal origin due to a “species leap” as happened in the past with other coronaviruses. A recent intervention by the virologist Guido Silvestri a Half an hour more, a program conducted by Lucia Annunziata, has further rekindled the discussion in Italy regarding the theory of the virus created in the laboratory. Contacted by Open, Guido Silvestri provides an explanation where he does not in any way confirm the theory of the engineered virus as well as that of its natural evolution: «At the moment I am agnostic between the two. Anyone who says that one of the two is “certain” is nonsense. ” In fact, like his other colleagues, he cannot be considered 100% certain in the absence of evidence.

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  • Guido Silvestri clearly declares in transmission that the thesis of the virus created in the laboratory is not confirmed, but not even completely denied.
  • According to the virologist, the question of the twelve nucleotides considered “strange” could also be explained by a possible virus not yet discovered that could have interacted with that of bats.


In a post dated May 31, 2021, user Antonietta confidently claims the following:

Virologist Silvestri dell’Annunziata practically said clearly that the virus came out of a laboratory. And not just him. We were almost all sure of it. It remains to be seen why. For error?

We come to the statements of Guido Silvestri released during the broadcast Half an hour more as reported by AdnKronos:

The hypothesis that the Covid-19 virus ‘escaped’ from the Wuhan virology laboratory is “absolutely credible” and “it is important to try to acquire as much data as possible and understand what happened”. This was stated by immunologist and virologist Guido Silvestri, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, during the broadcast ‘Half an hour more’, arguing his thesis. “There is no – he explains – objective evidence or that the virus came naturally nor do we have evidence that it was a ‘leak’ from the Wuhan laboratory”. However, “if you do a close analysis of the virus sequence, there is a twelve-nucleotide zone of the spike protein that is particularly strange to explain with a simple switch from one virus to another.”

Here is the transcript of the first part of Guido Silvestri’s speech:

In general we say that there is no definitive evidence, nor that the virus occurred naturally from a species jump, precisely occurred in nature between bats and / or other animals to humans, nor do we have conclusive evidence that it was a leak, a leak from the Wuhan laboratory, the Institute of Virology where experiments were made on this type of virus.

A necessary premise, which allows us to get to the second part of the intervention where he explains the particularity of the 12 nucleotides, the studies on coronaviruses within the Wuhan Institute of Virology, however reiterating the question of the need to access as much data as possible to put an end to the discussion:

Everyone has found this 12 nucleotide sequence which is strange to explain through natural recombination.

[…] This does not mean that this actually happened and that the virus started from there, but it is an explanation that is not totally strange.

[…] I believe that without going into conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories, etc., what is important is to look for as much data as possible, in a transparent way, independent of any political interference, and really understand what happened.

Does the story of the 12 nucleotides prove that Sars-Cov-2 was created in the laboratory? No! Silvestri himself explains it a Open:

Therefore, considering that a random mutation resulting in the insertion of twelve nucleotides is extremely unlikely for known reasons related to the biology of RNA replication in Coronaviruses, and that recombination with a “known” virus is not currently invocable, the hypotheses on the origin essentially two of those twelve nucleotides remain:

1. They are on the furin-cleavage site of another bat sarbecovirus that has NOT yet been discovered (and which we may discover someday, but for now we don’t).

2. They were artificially added in the laboratory.

One of the topics covered during the intervention a Half an hour more, also reiterated in the phone call with Open, it is the lack of transparency on the part of Beijing regarding the “laboratory books” that every self-respecting laboratory keeps track of every scientific operation carried out in the viruses of those who deal with it. For example, if one day Guido Silvestri were asked to show the laboratory books with all the works he does on HIV, he would have no problem showing them. In this case, China is not so transparent.


There are certainly many doubts, perplexities and distrust towards China, but the virologist Guido Silvestri, during the transmission Rai conducted by Lucia Annunziata, does not claim in any way that the virus was created in the laboratory. On the contrary, he himself claims not to be sure as no one has found the so-called “smoking gun”.

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