what to expect from Microsoft at E3?

There are still about ten days to go to the highly anticipated E3 2021 conference from Microsoft, which will see the teams of the Xbox Game Studios.

Among the latter there will obviously be no shortage of new home entries Bethesda, with the new verdecrociate software houses ready to present their new projects. But what exactly to expect from the Xbox event? Interesting rumors and speculations in this regard come from the editorial staff of Windows Central, traditionally close to Microsoft’s gaming universe. Below, we report the interesting forecasts shared by the well-known portal:

  • Halo: Infinite e Starfield they will be the two great protagonists of the E3 2021 conference, representing the Xbox tradition and the innovation deriving from the acquisition of Zenimax;
  • Omen: Arkane’s rumored vampire-themed game should show up at the show;
  • Wolfenstein III: despite Machine Game’s involvement in the development of the new Indiana Jones, there are possibilities for a reveal of the new chapter of the shooter series;
  • Psychonauts 2: the presence of the game at the event is given for certain, with a presentation that will show its potential, which for now have remained underestimated;
  • Forza Horizon 5: Windows Central bets on the reveal of the racing game set in Mexico;
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: trailer for the console version;
  • Sea of Thieves: presentation of a new great collaboration;
  • Obsidian: Windows Central is not sure if the Avowed at the E3 show, while the announcement of Outer Worlds 2;
  • Age of Empires IV: release date announcement and gameplay trailer;
  • [email protected]: new showcase dedicated to indies, starring Tunic, The Acent, Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course and STALKER 2;
  • Senua’s Saga Hellblade 2: the portal reports a “possible“new teaser or documentary video, but gameplay revel is excluded;
  • Project Typhoon: the reveal of the rumored cooperative title should be scheduled, with a launch window set for 2022;
  • Project Dragon: the portal relaunches the rumors on IO Interactive, but states that the game is only at the beginning of production. The dissemination of details on the game, it is claimed, however, could lead to the publication of a teaser in CGI;

Obviously, we emphasize that, we are talking about rumor unconfirmed, which could therefore ultimately prove to be incorrect. To find out more, all that remains is to wait for the evening of Sunday 13 June.


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