Pokemon, child sells his collection to cure the dog

An 8-year-old boy has decided to sell a valuable asset for him. The reason he did this shook the hearts of many people. So let’s go into the details and see what happened.

Starting from old toys, passing through old coins, up to the relics handed down by grandparents, there are so many objects that we keep at home and that allow us to remember some of the most beautiful moments of our existence. Many of these objects, over the years, end up being thrown away. Others, however, are preserved, almost as if they were precious treasures. I know it well children, who very often become attached to some toys, which inevitably end up marking their childhood.

Many times, however, we find ourselves having to say goodbye to the many beloved games, as happened to little Bryson. Just 8 years, in fact, this child has decided to sell your own Pokemon card collection. A decision that allowed him to raise some money for a very important and heart-warming cause. So let’s go into the details and see what happened.

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Bimbo sells his Pokemon cards to heal his dog

Carte Pokemon (Fonte photo: web)

I Pokémon they have accompanied the childhood of many children. We are not just talking about the cartoon and video games, but also about the comics and of collectible cards that you can use to play with your friends. In fact, the latter can in some cases reach exorbitant values, allowing the lucky owners to earn a lot of money.

He knows it well Bryson Kliemann, an 8-year-old American boy who lives in the city of Lebanon, Virginia. The little one, in fact, has decided to sell his collection of Pokémon cards for treating his dog Bruce after contracting a severe virus. To treat his four-legged friend, remember, the vet asked for $ 700. A figure that unfortunately the Kilemann family could not support. Hence the child’s decision to set up a banquet outside the home and sell his Pokémon card collection.

While at school I get a message with a picture of Bryson and a roadside sign pointing to the sale of Pokémon cards“, Said the mother, Kimberly Woodruff, in an interview with the Local 12 portal. At that point the woman decided to support her son through Go Fund Me, thus kicking off a fundraiser to reach $ 800. A figure largely exceeded, so as to get to get well 5 thousand dollars. This sum of money will then be used to guarantee the care of the dog Bruce, but not only. The remaining money will be used for future treatments for him and the other animals in the neighborhood.

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A story that inevitably warms the hearts, which ended in the best way. Not only did the little one manage to raise the money needed to treat his best friend, but he also received a beautiful gift. The Pokémon Company, in fact, has decided to send the child a rare trading card set, accompanied by the following message: “Hey Bryson, we were very impressed with the story of selling your dog’s healing cards here some cards to help you replace the ones you sold“.

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