EOS R3, new information: 30 fps in RAW and 8-stop stabilizer

EOS R3, new information: 30 fps in RAW and 8-stop stabilizer
EOS R3, new information: 30 fps in RAW and 8-stop stabilizer

New information on the DSC R3, the mirrorless “Pro” that has inflamed the minds of fans of the brand. This time, however, it is not a matter of indiscretions, but of official information released by Canon, which completes and sheds some light on what has been read in recent weeks.

Still nothing is known about the resolution of the sensor, which will certainly be different from that of the EOS-1D X III, backlit (information already known) and characterized by a very fast readout, to reduce the rolling shutter effect. Canon has confirmed that it will not adopt the global shutter solution for the EOS R3, but has anticipated that the performance, in this specific aspect, will be much higher than that seen with the EOS R5.

The resolution, still unknown, it will surely be close to that of the EOS-1D X Mark III. Therefore, the rumors of a possible 45 Mpixel sensor denied, the EOS R3 will be similar, in “philosophy”, to the top-of-the-range reflex: maximum attention to performance and responsiveness, resolution not particularly high.

It was already known that the camera body would be of “Pro” level, with an integrated vertical grip even if more compact than SLR cameras. Now you know that the body will be in magnesium alloy, which will have the same weather protection as the EOS 1 and will also use the same battery LP-E19 as the latter, which has two positive aspects: a possible smoother transition and autonomy which, in the light of this information, we finally expect very high.

Speaking of the camera body, the EOS R3 adopts is the Multi Controller (joystick) already present on many reflex cameras is the new Smart Controller introduced with the EOS-1D X Mark III; also from this point of view, therefore, the reflex-mirrorless convergence continues apace

The memory formats will be CFExpress and SD, and the rear screen will be fully articulated, in the Canon style. Her resolution, not yet formalized, will be higher than seen so far in the Canon house. Present as standard LAN cablata e wireless 5 GHz.

We close the features of the camera body with the indiscretion about the hot shoe, which will be a “smart” shoe for more advanced accessories than the classic flash. By the way: confirmed that it will be possible to use external flashes with electronic shutter.

Similarly to the other EOS Rs, the R3 will integrate a stabilizer, credited in this case with 8 stops. The declared data regarding the focusing in low lights is impressive, on paper possible up to -7EV, which is a darkroom brightness level.

We close with the video sector, which will obviously be 4K, Canon Log supporter and internal RAW recording.

An official release date has not yet been announced, but I notice that the first samples are starting to circulate (one of which also in Italy) among the Canon ambassadors, and that some of them will use it in Tokyo. We therefore expect an announcement abundantly by 2021.

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