The trick to using WhatsApp without internet

The trick to using WhatsApp without internet
The trick to using WhatsApp without internet

In the end we can tell ourselves without embarrassment: WhatsApp is the application we use the most. There is no Telegram and there is nothing else that holds up. It will be habit, it will be that everyone here uses it and changing is difficult.

The nice thing about WhatsApp, moreover, is that there are many tricks to use to do the strangest things and that often some situations turn us around. For example, you may not know this, but there is a trick to use WhatsApp even without the internet.

It will happen that you do not have data and have to move between the various Wi-Fi in the city, but you are not always so lucky and then here is what you should do:

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First go to your phone settings, go to Mobile Networks and then to Access Point / APN Names and make sure your carrier’s APN is entered correctly.

Then download the Yoga VPN application, turn off the Wi-Fi and remember that you don’t have to have money on your mobile. Then turn on the data. Then go to the app and select Quick Start. Then select WhatsApp and wait for the apps to connect.

Now you can send messages without internet, but be careful because the line can undergo significant fluctuations, so it is possible that photos and other heavier files are very difficult to send.

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