PlayStation Store: the new offer of the week is a very recent (and beloved) game

Even this week, despite Sony’s Days of Play promotions are in full swing, PlayStation Store renews its usual promotion, which allows you to take advantage of a special price on a video game of your choice for seven days. As usual, there was a wait to find out which one would be there new deal of the week on PlayStation Store, and the name was not long in coming.

While it is true that promotions a little everywhere often focus on not very recent video games, this time we have an important exception: the discounted game is in fact It Takes Two, the highly regarded cooperative title of Hazelight (A Way Out) which came out only last March 26, that is just over two months ago, obtaining excellent grades by critics from all over the world.

It Takes Two was released on March 26th
It Takes Two videogioco

The game puts you in the shoes of a married couple who, in spite of themselves, find themselves trying to solve their relationship problems in a cartoonish and surreal world where challenges are hidden that can only be overcome by acting together. Around every corner, however, there is an excuse to discover a mini-game, to experience hilarious curtains and indulge in an experience that you will not soon forget, as our Paolo Sirio explained in the video review of the game.

Thanks to the promotion, you can save 25% its It Takes Two, which means you can purchase the game spending € 29.99 instead of € 39.99.

The discount will remain active until 10 June next, when a new offer of the week will debut on PlayStation Store. The recommendation is, of course, to take advantage of the price cut as long as it remains in place, to enjoy It Takes Two in the company of a friend as our Paolo and Marino did.

In this regard, we also remind you that Paolo had a chat with none other than Josef Fares, the colorful author of the game, who explained his vision on the future of videogames in the cloud and on the importance of untying the concept of videogames to that of exclusive fun: a video game can also do much more and Fares wanted to point this out several times.

It Takes Two is also available on PC and Xbox platforms. The game is published within the EA Originals project by Electronic Arts, the publisher’s label that supports small independent projects and which, in the past, also gave birth to the appreciated Unravel.

We remind you that on Instant Gaming you can take advantage of the discounts to buy PlayStation Store credit!

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