Riecco Bleak Faith, l’action RPG horror open world che sembra Dark Souls

If we were to try to count how many heirs the idea of Demon’s Souls and of Dark Souls, you would probably risk losing the thread soon. In fact, there are many titles that have made them the mechanics from soulslike and the idea of ​​joining a ruthless challenge level a cryptic characterization of the game world, brushed with often gray and almost desaturated colors, wrapped in mystery and creatures ready to make you a single bite.

For example, the project is placed in this universe Mortal Shell we told you about some time ago in our video review, and it might as well Bleak Faith: Forsaken. This indie video game, which was funded on Kickstarter some time ago, is in fact proposed as a action RPG a tinte horror and from the soul open world, with very evident references to the philosophy of the Hidetaka Miyazaki school.

Funded in 2019, the game aims to a release by 2021 and was shown more closely with a new gameplay video, where you can further appreciate the similarities with the peak exponents of the genre.

As explained by the developers (the team consists of Miso Vukcevic, lead developer, artist, writer and sound designer, and from Mirko Stanic, co-developer and programmer, while Cal friendly e Rade Vukcevic are the composers) the idea is to propose:

A third-person survival horror action RPG set in a universe you’ve never experienced before. You will play as Forsaken, the last frontier of humanity within the growing horrors of the Omnistructure. You will have to adapt to survive: however, the world will not wait for you, you will have to venture into the unknown, and it will be your faith to decide your destiny.

The game will focus on “A cross between cyberpunk and dark fantasy”, proposing in its open world desolate and desolating atmospheres, but also some glimpses that seem to come almost from a future à la Ghostrunner.

“The world is full of lore” assure the authors, «And every aspect was created with the utmost passion for art. We estimate thirty hours of content, a deep system of classes and a procedural AI that ensures that no playthrough is ever the same as the previous one ».

Bleak Faith mescolerà dark fantasy e cyberpunk

Bleak Faith tip its an open world with emergent narrative and its universe is defined as a real labyrinth, where you will find a metroidvania-style opening. However, this exploratory nature that focuses on wonder is accompanied by the ruthlessness of the game system: “Expect tight, meticulously designed fights that will emphasize action and timing” the authors anticipate.

“We don’t want to shy away from a challenge and on the contrary we throw ourselves. Even if we are a small team, we could not accept a simple and ordinary fight: instead it will be very structured, it will communicate the danger and the adrenaline. It will be fast, responsive and ruthless».

The game will also include mechanics for which you will have to collect resources and perform crafting to be able to survive its ruthless open world: to do so better, so will the class you decide to take on, and whose statistics you can improve as you go. you will play. In addition, you can also decide for different approaches: whether you want to face enemies head on, do it stealth, keep away, it will be your decision and will affect the way you develop your character.

Bleak Faith: Forsaken will arrive by 2021 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but at this point it cannot be excluded that it may also see, in the future, a landing on PS5 and Xbox Series X. For the moment, however, we are waiting for news on the launch on the older generation of consoles.

Do you want to bring home a soulslike? Then Demon’s Souls awaits you on PS5!

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