Touring Superleggera Arese RH95: the new 720 horsepower Italian supercar

Touring Superleggera Arese RH95: the new 720 horsepower Italian supercar
Touring Superleggera Arese RH95: the new 720 horsepower Italian supercar

It is the first mid-engined model in the history of the Superleggera Touring Bodywork. It comes to celebrate its 95th anniversary. It will be produced in 18 copies

Mid-mounted 8-cylinder V-shaped engine, rear-wheel drive, and 720 horsepower. The historic Touring Superleggera body shop celebrates its 95th anniversary with the new Arese RH95 supercar. A lot of power – 340 km / h and a shot from 0 to 100 in less than 3 seconds – and the elegance and formal cleanliness that has always distinguished the Milanese atelier.


The new Touring Arese RH95 celebrates the 95 years of the historic body shop founded in 1926 in Milan by Felice Bianchi Anderloni: creative director and former test driver of Isotta Fraschini, with the “Superleggera” patent, he created some of the most beautiful cars of all time . The Touring Arese RH95 in the name clearly refers to the age of the house, while the two letters of the alphabet are the initials of the enthusiast who ordered it and followed its development, and Arese, the town on the outskirts of Milan, the historic site of the bodywork. The new model, which will be built by Carrozzeria Touring in 18 specimens, all different from each other, at the specific request of the customers, it is made with artisanal techniques, and is the result of 5 thousand hours of work. Six months in total per car.


The Touring Arese RH95 marks an epochal turning point in the history of the Touring Superleggera bodywork: it is the first car, in fact, for which a mid-engine configuration was chosen, built on the basis of a mid-engine donor car, precisely: to push it a 720 horsepower V8, paired with a 7-speed automatic transmission. Performance is supercar: from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 3 seconds and 340 km / h top speed. The two-seater’s carbon fiber bodywork enhances aerodynamics and performance: in design, the front grille is reminiscent of the Aero 3, and the one-piece rear hood opens into the wind integrating the air intake. The soft and sinuous volumes are reminiscent of the Disco Volante, with a thin aluminum line that runs along the side, and original solutions such as the vertical exhausts, the diffuser, the LEDs of the headlights inserted in the air vents. To add a certain theatricality to the car, the upward opening of the doors.


For the interiors, two-tone caramel and cocoa coatings were chosen, perfectly coordinated with the external color of this first exclusive model in Verde Pino, with silver and yellow finishes. The different liveries will be inspired by the history of racing: for one there is the bright red of the Alfa 8C Competizione, with a white front to recall the GTAs of the fifties and sixties, while for another the inspiration comes from the American tracks. , with the orange and blue Gulf Oil. After the debut, the new supercar will be exhibited in the most important international events, from The Quail, on the occasion of the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, in mid-August, at the English Salon Privé in September. The price has not been officially communicated.

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Touring Superleggera Arese RH95 horsepower Italian supercar

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