Aloy’s cosplay from cammy.cosplay is full of pride –

Aloy’s cosplay from cammy.cosplay is full of pride –
Aloy’s cosplay from cammy.cosplay is full of pride –

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn and the next Horizon Forbidden West, so why not see it represented in a beautiful cosplay? It was made by cosplayer cammy.cosplay, who did a really painstaking job on her costume.

The Aloy of cammy.cosplay is proud and determined, as well as ready to strike with her mighty bow. In the photo we can see her almost indifferent to the arrival of some mechanical birds (added in post production, we imagine). Natural light is also beautiful, although the colors are a little too saturated (perhaps to recall the video game more closely). Still a great job.

Aloy has recently been the subject of a lot of controversy over her appearance in Horizon Forbidden West promotional footage.

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