Mass Effect 3, author reveals easter egg: “in nine years you have never noticed”

It happens that developers hide inside their video games easter egg so well hidden that, simply, nobody notices it. Never. Or, at least, not until they highlight them themselves, some geological era after the release of the titles they worked on.

It happened, for example, to fans of Uncharted e The Last of Us, with one of the developers who revealed that he had inserted a curious detail on purpose, although no one had ever noticed until he himself pointed it out; it happened again with none other than Mass Effect 3, the historic closure of Commander Shepard’s trilogy, which recently experienced a new youth with the launch of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Mass Effect 3 is included in the Legendary Edition

This box set, of which you can find the video review on SpazioGames, allows you to relive the entire trilogy with revisited graphics and with some quality of life improvements that allow you to experience the adventure of the Normandy in the best way possible today.

Well, we learn directly from Richard Boisvert, who made it known with a post on Reddit relaunched by Kotaku, that during one of Shepard’s raids a little secret had been hidden that paid homage to the real space explorations of human beings, with a nice guest who greeted the commander.

Inside Mass Effect 3, during the mission set on Mars, there is a sequence in which you can follow a given path between solar panels, as explained by the developer. By doing this, you have a chance to meet a rover identical to the ones we sent to Mars to explore the red planet.

The latter will meet Commander Shepard, stop and nod in approval.

Thanks Kotaku

We do not know which of the different rovers is specific, but since the game came out in March 2012 it is possible that it is Opportunity, which was active at the time of the launch of the title. Whatever rover it is, it’s curious that Shepard’s little friend has been hiding in the game all this time.

“Ten years ago, I slipped an easter egg into the mission of Mass Effect 3 set on Mars»Said the developer, “And as far as I know no one has ever come across it”.

Now you know that, when you find yourself running around Mars, you could also have an unexpected encounter: do not further disappoint Boisvert and try to cross the path of the rover, his gesture of approval could be worth it.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Now that the points have been set for the original trilogy of the BioWare franchise, fans are waiting to find out about the new and unreleased episode of Mass Effect: our Giulia Francolino has put together all the information known so far on the video game, analyzing in detail the first teaser in all the details to find out if and how we will have connections both to Shepard’s world and to the universe that it was intended to explore with Mass Effect Andromeda.

If you want to enjoy the behind the scenes of the saga of Mass Effect we recommend that you take a look at this special dedicated artbook.

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