Free PC games: Prime Gaming gives away a Battlefield, download link

Just yesterday we finally received the first official information related to the presentation of the new chapter of the series Battlefield. Waiting for the day when the announcement will be made, players who are not too accustomed to the DICE and EA saga can recover an excellent chapter of the brand at no cost thanks to Prime Gaming, the Amazon service that every tot gives to all their players. subscribe to a series of free games to redeem on PC.

Today, the service is completely surprising Prime Gaming ci regala Battlefield 4. We do not know if everything was proposed precisely to celebrate the imminent announcement of the new chapter of the FPS saga, but this is certainly a super opportunity to recover one of the most played titles of its release period. We are talking about one of the first big triple A titles to be released during the last videogame generation, and which helped to increase the popularity of the Battlefield franchise.

Of all the free games given away in this period, surely Battlefield 4 is one of the 90’s pieces. We are talking about an FPS that features both a multiplayer mode with different modes, and a single-player campaign. In the latter in particular, the story takes place in acontemporary setting, where a war is underway between the US, Russia and China, with players juggling mission after mission around the globe. You can redeem Battlefield 4 at this address.

This gift proposed by Prime Gaming is a great appetizer to what will arrive for free tomorrow thanks to the Epic Games Store. Now PC players can count on a series of free games offered not only by digital stores, but also through services such as Prime Gaming; always at the forefront of giving away titles of great value and variety.

Waiting to find out more about the new chapter of the brand, you can buy Battlefield V on Amazon at this address.


Free games Prime Gaming Battlefield download link

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