all canceled until 2022

all canceled until 2022
all canceled until 2022

Epic Games made the announcement a few hours ago: all Fortnite LAN tournaments are canceled until 2022

The announcement came a little while ago: Fortnite has decided to cancel LAN tournaments until 2022 (Screenshot YouTube)

The waiting for the Fortnite Season 7, arriving in just under a week. We are talking to you these days about the many new features coming: from skins to superheroes, passing through aliens and changes to the map. There seems to be a lot of meat in the fire, and who knows that Epic Games can surprise everyone once again with surprise additions.

In the meantime, however, there is also bad news that hover around the world of the world’s number one battle royale. One of its strengths are undoubtedly the various E-Sport tournaments organized in LAN, ie in the same place with wired connection. With an email sent to the organizers, Epic Games announced that everything was canceled until next 2022.

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Fortnite, stop to LAN tournaments until 2022

There will be no more Fortnite LAN tournaments until 2022. The final decision was announced a little while ago by Epic Games, with an email sent to event organizers around the world. A news that has displaced the millions of gamers, ready to train to compete and win ever higher prize pools. To report the news Elite Connor on Twitter, which showed a screenshot of the message sent by the software house.

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The Covid emergency and the various restrictions around the globe have convinced Epic Games to proceed in this way, even if the economic losses will be enormous. In fact, much of Fortnite’s profit is based precisely on the tournaments and events that are organized.



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