Okami and Zelda among the inspirations; details on gameplay and DualSense

Okami and Zelda among the inspirations; details on gameplay and DualSense
Okami and Zelda among the inspirations; details on gameplay and DualSense
Since its first appearance, Kena Bridge of Spirits has been able to win the hearts of many players thanks to its convincing aesthetic characterization and its intriguing game mechanics. The developers of Ember Lab have returned to discuss far and wide about their new title.

First, it is provided to us some more details about the Rot, the little creatures that have already managed to make players who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the title:

“Obviously, letting people fall in love with the Rots was an important part of our strategy.” admitted Josh and Mike Grier, co-founders of Ember Lab. “They have become an integral part of the story, as they are the key to helping Kena on her journey and ultimately represent her growth as a character.

Kena is a novice spiritual guide looking for a sacred place filled with knowledge. He will discover an abandoned village plagued by corruption where trapped spirits wreak havoc and destruction “.

Moving on to the gameplay instead, the development team explains that “Kena can chain any of her abilities with the Rots to defeat enemies in unique ways. The Rots can make attacks, create armor-piercing shells, and even form a shape-shifting cloud capable of punching enemies. Find and grow a larger Rot team. large allows you to unleash more powerful attacks and unlocks additional possibilities. By delving into the Rot, players will more easily discover the weaknesses of the enemies. In addition, healing in combat is linked to the use of Rot. “.

The support for DualSense for Kena is then confirmed again, which through its adaptive triggers, for example, will make the player feel the tension in his hands before shooting an arrow with the bow.

Among the major sources of inspiration that helped Ember Lab bring Kena to life, we have Zelda and Okami on the gaming front, but the style of storytelling present in the film Rashomon also played a key role in this sense.

Kena Bridge of Spirits will be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (the next-gen upgrade will be free) starting August 24. During the Future Game Show, Kena showed up with a new trailer.


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