The LG smartphone division is about to close: the farewell seems close

Vincenzo Ronca
01/04/2021 ore 15:46

By now it is no longer just a rumor the hypothesis of the sensational, but not unexpected, closure of LG’s smartphone division. In the last few hours they have emerged new confirmations from South Korea, which also indicate a date for the official announcement.

LG played a leading role in the smartphone market until a few years ago. Lately the brand has lost appeal and the market numbers have suffered. For several weeks there has been talk of a will to to leave the smartphone division, even of sell it from LG. According to reports from the Korea Times, this will be officially communicated next April 5th, during the next LG board meeting.

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LG ha declined to comment these last rumors but, through a spokesperson, he also reported that at the moment several roads are open and that the company will communicate the final decision regarding its mobile division in the near future. Basically, LG did not deny rumors of his farewell to the smartphone market.

It is also good to consider that, in general, LG can be said in full health: its market shares are growing, and sales of smart devices e TV I’m positive. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer to cut what can now be called one is even more sensible Deadwood.

Via: Android HeadlinesFonte: The Korea Times


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