the new free games of April for PS4 and PS5

the new free games of April for PS4 and PS5
the new free games of April for PS4 and PS5
Also this month Sony has thought about the subscribers of both consoles, renewing the Instant Game Collection both with games for the PlayStation 4, and with a title for the new PS5, which happens to be a real novelty. In fact, subscribers will have the privilege of playing from day-one ad Oddworld Soulstorm, brand new game in its absolute debut. There will be alongside him Days Gone, one of the most popular PlayStation exclusives, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War, which asks you to save the Europe of the 40s from a zombie apocalypse, preferably in the company of your friends. All three titles will be available for download from Tuesday 6 April to Monday 3 May, that means you have until Monday 5th April to add the free PlayStation Plus games for March to your collection, namely Final Fantasy 7 Remake for PS4, Remnant From The Ashes for PS4, Farpoint for PlayStation VR and Maquette for PS5.

Days Gone (PS4 e PS5)

Among the exclusives most appreciated by PlayStation players, Days Gone is one of the best examples of “open world narrative” on the market: thanks to solid game mechanics and a surprisingly multifaceted texture, which acts as the fulcrum of the entire play system, bending the gameplay to its service. The protagonist is Deacon St. John, a man with a troubled past forced to survive in a post-apocalyptic Oregon invaded by the Furiosi, humans and animals mutated due to a viral infection.

In the role of Deacon you are called to refine combat strategies, customize weapons, acquire new skills, create traps and upgrade the bike, an indispensable means of locomotion. Escaping a horde of hundreds of bloodthirsty infected is one of the most incredible experiences you can have not only on PlayStation 4, but also on PS5, since on the latter the guys from Bend Studio have released a patch that enabled the 60fps framerate, making the gaming experience even more memorable.

Days Gone is anyway primarily aimed at PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4, since it is already available in the PlayStation Plus Collection of PS5 since last November. Learn more by reading our Days Gone review.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War (PS4, retrocompatibile con PS5)

If you are looking for a game of absolute fun to play in the company of your friends, then Zombie Army 4: Dead War it just happens to bean. This cooperative shooter developed by Rebellion, the same as Snipe Elite, catapults you into an alternative Europe of the 40s: at the end of the first trilogy Hitler was defeated, but the dead have risen once again returning hungrier than ever. Your task is very simple: you have to send them back to Hell, preferably in the company of three other friends in the cooperative.


The stealth so dear to the episodes of the Sniper Elite series is totally non-existent here, and the cautious and thoughtful approach gives way to a chaotic and incessant slaughter. Zombie Army 4: Dead War, however, has inherited the Rebellion e X-ray slow motion, which allows you to observe the slow destruction of bones and internal organs caused by bullets, bombs and other instruments of offense. As in any self-respecting cooperative game, it is also possible to sew a tailor-made character on yourself, favoring the tactics and skills that best suit your style of play.

We would like to underline these aspects since the production shines particularly when approached in the cooperative, revealing all its strengths and asking the players for a healthy and satisfying dose of strategy and tactics. You will know more by reading the Zombie Army 4 Dead War review.

Oddworld Soulstorm (PS5)

Also in April Sony offers all its subscribers an absolute novelty, in this case Oddworld Soulstorm in its PlayStation 5 edition. In development for many years, the new work of Oddworld Inhabitants revisits the classic Abe’s Exoddus to serve as a follow-up to Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, a previous chapter launched back in 2014.


In this new adventure you are called to once again take on the role of Abe, reticente eroe Mudokon who, unwittingly, has unleashed a revolt and now must lead his comrades in the struggle for freedom against the leaders of the planet, armed with any means of oppression that exists, from propaganda to ruthless force. Oddworld Soulstorm promises a great visual, cinematic and playful leap, putting new mechanics and complex devices in your hands, and leaving you the freedom to decide the fate of an entire race: will you foment social change or will you witness genocide?

The environments designed in 2.9D they are full of puzzles to solve and obstacles to overcome with the right timing, in this round flanked by RPG-lite elements, such as the ability to obtain resources to build new items and weapons, and the Quarma system, which reflects Abe’s actions by sanctioning his destiny and that of his companions. We reiterate that in the Instant Game Collection will arrive only and exclusively the PS5 edition, and that you won’t be able to play it on PlayStation 4.

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