‘Towards the moon’ for real? A tweet from Elon Musk on SpaceX makes Dogecoin take off by 35%

It might as well be April Fool’s Day, but when it comes to Dogecoin (DOGE) it doesn’t make much difference.
DOGE / USD (Bittrex) hourly chart. Source: Tradingview

Musk: SpaceX will send Dogecoin “really to the moon”

After a new tweet posted on April 1 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, DOGE / USD rose 35% in minutes, hitting highs for six weeks.

Musk, recently proclaimed Tesla’s “Technoking”, is known for his ironic advertising on Dogecoin: his exploits on Twitter and in some interviews have already managed to push the price of the altcoin higher.

This time Musk promised that his company, SpaceX, “will really send a Dogecoin to the moon.

The price of Dogecoin immediately began to rise, peaking at $ 0.07 before a slight contraction. After starting 2021 at just $ 0.004, DOGE’s profits from the beginning of the year to today exceed 1,500%.

In a move perhaps equally unlikely but concrete, this week Latvian airline airBaltic announced that passengers can now book flights using DOGE, along with several other altcoins. The line started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as early as 2014.

More than an empty promise?

Meanwhile, Musk found himself in trouble with his Twitter ads. In February, reports surfaced that the tycoon was under investigation by the US authorities.

Tesla’s CEO isn’t the only one who ends up in the crosshairs of the establishment for this kind of business. As Cointelegraph reported, entrepreneur John McAfee was charged with a slew of infractions last month, some related to promoting various cryptocurrencies on Twitter. However, McAfee said it was the Dogecoin advertising in particular that got him in trouble.

The crackdown on alleged market manipulation remains a sore point among many small investors, considering the recent affair involving Reddit and GameStop.


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