WhatsApp’s trick to lie about your location

Do you ever stay late and lightly lie about your position like “I’m in the car, at the traffic light, I’ll be right”, but instead you’re in your pajamas and can’t find your socks? Of course it happens to you. In that case your friends, who are smart, may ask you in a very unpolite way: “Ok, send me your position”. Ah. This is a problem.

In addition to pretending not to know how to send the position because you have a new mobile phone (yes but what does it matter, the apps are always the same) you can use this trick that allows you to send a false position on WhatsApp and not be tracked.

Sheng LiGetty Images

(Joking aside you can be useful in more serious situations where you are not comfortable sending the place where you are).

First download the GPS Emulator app you will find yourself in a screen similar to Google Maps, through a pointer you can choose your location. Once chosen, click on the green placeholder at the bottom. At that point, open WhatsApp and check that the two apps are synchronized. You can of course deactivate this feature at any time.

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