Sony had not warned the PS Vita developers of the closure –

The closing of the PlayStation Store on PSP, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita it has had more aftermath than might have been expected. First of all, it raised legitimate doubts about the longevity of our digital licenses and also seems to have created some problems as to who was still working on these platforms. The PlayStation Vita indie scene, for example, is more vital than one might expect. In fact, many teams are still working on some small independent productions which, apparently, have not been notified directly by Sony of the intention to close the digital store, forcing them to unforeseen marathons in order to publish their games in time. Only when they learned about the news officially from other sources.

There are even those who like the studio Lillymo Games, had just bought a new development kit for the handheld console. All, of course, according to him, without Sony having warned him of the intention to close the PS Vita store shortly thereafter. Now, with a release scheduled for Q4 of 2021, Lillymo Games does not think it will be able to publish the game in time, even if only for a few weeks.

But Lillymo Games is not the only active reality. Other game developers like Thief’s Roulette e Lazr o Russian Subway Dogs e Hand Cannon Junky they are trying to figure out if they will be able to arrive on the PS Store, even if perhaps for a few weeks, before closing.

Others, from a certain point of view more fortunate, have come out in recent days. ScourgeBringer, for example, will only have 100 days to try to meet the development costs. The PlayStation Store of PSP, PS Vita to PS3 will officially close from 27 August, after which it will be impossible to buy the old games.


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