Apple turns 45: from the origin of the name to the third founder, 7 curiosities about its history

April 1, 2021 – 4:05 pm

Small details you may not know about the history of the first 45 years of Apple, founded on April 1, 1976

of Michela Rovelli

It was April 1, 1976 when two very young friends signed the corporate agreement to create a new company, called Apple. Exactly 45 years have passed and that dream, that first agreement between two twenty-year-olds has now become a multinational with a market value of more than two trillion dollars and which employs 147 thousand people worldwide. We know the history of Apple, the products that led it to success too: from that first Macintosh in 1984 to the very thin Macbook Air of today, from the iPod that revolutionized the way we listen to music to the iPhone that was not the first smartphone but it was the one that determined the appearance and functioning of all the models that we still use today. Then the iPad, the Apple Watch (which surpassed the Swiss watch industry) and finally services. Because today the world of the Apple is in transition: from hardware we are moving more and more to a focus on software. And so here is the 21st century of this company is seasoned with iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV, Apple News, Apple Fitness and Apple Arcade. Under the serious and rational leadership of Tim Cook, the CEO who has led the company since the death of its founder Steve Jobs, today Apple is no longer that rebellious company of its early years. Which challenged the monopoly of IBM and was aimed at those who wanted to Think Different, think outside the box. a leader who guides the market and guides its paths. In 45 years of history a lot has changed. We said that we know history, but perhaps not in detail. And the details, in Apple’s history and philosophy, make the difference.

45 years and not hear them

April 1, 2021 | 16:05



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