all the news revealed by the preview made by Sony –

all the news revealed by the preview made by Sony –
all the news revealed by the preview made by Sony –

Returnal will come up PS5 at the end of the month. This rogue-lite sci-fi third-person shooter with horror tones was today at the center of a preview made by Sony and published on the PlayStation Blog. Let’s see in detail how much new we have had the opportunity to discover in this article.

First of all, we are reminded that the protagonist is Selene, an astronaut who crashes on an alien planet. With each death we face, Selene will return to her shuttle, while the rest of the planet will change shape. We will have to deal with different biomes and always different environments. Our aim will be to find the source of a mysterious signal originating from the planet.

Let’s talk a little about the gameplay and the unique functions of the controller. For example, it is explained that when L2 is used to zoom, the stroke of the trigger is blocked in the middle and this allows you to activate the Focus Aim, which highlights the weak points of the enemies in red. Going beyond the resistance, however, activates the alternate fire mode. Furthermore, if L2 is held down after the attack discharge, a vibration is perceived that becomes more and more intense as the weapon reloads, so as to allow us to understand with only touch at what point it is. The feedback aptico it is also implemented to make us perceive elements such as the ticking of rain.

As we had already indicated in our previous previews, we will have access to a series of tools, such as a sword and a grappling hook, which will allow you to travel great distances in a few moments.

The function of adrenaline is also interesting: by inflicting damage without taking it we will get bonuses, such as weapon enhancements, highlighted enemies and the like. If you are hit once, however, you lose everything. The goal is to let us play accurately and reward skilled players.

It is also explained that weapons have infinite ammo, but must be reloaded manually: if you do it with the right timing you get an instant reload and a damage bonus, but if you make a mistake the weapon jams.

We also discover that every weapon has one secondary fire mode and a skill obtainable by eliminating a certain number of enemies. The weapons can be obtained by defeating enemies or through the chests and their quality will depend on a statistic of the protagonist of Returnal: the “competence”. It is also pointed out that the sound is important and the reverbs are calculated in real time using audio 3D e ray casting.

It is also explained that the power and the level of aggression of the enemies varies according to the situation: if there are many enemies, there is no risk that the action becomes too chaotic and unsustainable. With wit and reactivity it will always be possible to win. Obviously we are talking about a game that is inspired by the classic bullet hell, so we will have to prepare ourselves to be targeted from every direction.

Returnal is not just about fighting. There will be one good dose of exploration and platforming, with a series of secondary rooms and secret areas to find. There are, among other things, daily challenges with online leaderboards to increase longevity. Of course, you don’t need PS Plus to use them.

Finally it is explained that each level is defended by a boss who only needs to be taken down once: in the following cycles we will find the green light. There are also shortcuts to reach the new biomes more quickly. It is also said that each upload is practically instantaneous thanks to the PS5 SSD: we talk about “a few seconds” at a time.

Selene, the protagonist of Returnal

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