Ferrari Portofino M, the test of a supercar in the red zone

Portofino is there Ferrari from every day. By definition, but also by tradition given its nature as a Spider with a hard top, the so-called “coupé-convertible”. You can imagine a car like this passing quickly through the curves of a beautiful coastal road, a hill or a mountain, depending on your taste.

But what happens when there is a pandemic that has changed the course of history and your city is in the red zone? Simple: if you are lucky enough to own a Ferrari, you use it like a normal car. And that’s not necessarily a problem, on the contrary …

M as amended

Who writes to you, has lived this experience on his skin and I decided to tell you about it in a video a little different from the classic reviews. The protagonist Ferrari is the Portofino M, the evolution of the Maranello Spider that arrives on the market just in time for the summer.

Not much has changed, indeed it is hard to see the differences that mostly live under the skin. In Maranello, the design of a car in production is almost never affected and everything that changes is modified according to the technical evolutions.

An example? The new exhaust system, with particulate filter (but without silencers) has led to the modification of the shape of the rear extractor, now separated from the bumper and in carbon (optional).

Crazy performance

Now i horses are 620 (previously they were 600) spread with Swiss precision between 5,750 and 7,500 rpm thanks to a series of up-to-date interventions on the twin-turbo V8 and the new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission that is faster and more efficient order of 6%).

We are talking about the same powertrain of Rome whose flagship is obviously the engine which over the years has inevitably become more educated in sound (now Euro 6D approved), but continues to give immeasurable satisfaction on the road and on the track (depending on the application). And even in the case of a grand touring Ferrari like the Portofino M, performance continues to grow beyond belief: 3.45 seconds in 0-100 (9.8 in 0-200) and over 320 km / h of top speed.

The award-winning V8 Ferrari 3,855 cc

But what really impresses is hers almost infinite exploitation. In the city you run it at 55 km / h in 7-8 gear and it doesn’t blink. On the highway you treat it from a constant speed mileage grinder and it amazes you with its quietness. Between the curves you crush as much as you can and it makes you fly. In all senses and beyond what is due.

Notwithstanding the fact that the car remains within everyone’s reach or almost thanks to the electronics which, however, now tempts you to go further: on the Manettino of the Portofino M there are two “new” positions: RACE and ESC-OFF. To be selected with caution.

In general and equal to pedigree technician, I found the Portofino M softer than its closed cousin, the Roma, and for this reason more enjoyable touristically speaking. To be equipped always and in any case with Magnaride electronically controlled suspensions which are optional.

Ferrari Portofino M
Ferrari Portofino M
Ferrari Portofino M

Accessories that make the difference

I will tell you about other sensations and nuances in the video. Here I will limit myself to pointing out some interesting updates for the use of one everyday supercar like the Portofino. That hasn’t changed inside, that is, it hasn’t evolved with the hyper-digital cockpit of the Ferrari Roma.

Too “sophisticated” for a Ferrari Spider that wants to remain “classic” (note the analogue tachometer, a fetish of these times!), Which, however, can no longer give up FENNEL to travel more relaxed. Adaptive cruise control primarily. Obviously it is not mandatory, indeed you have to pay it separately.

The new option that we feel instead of recommending is Neck Warmer, that is the ventilation system to heat the neck of the driver and passenger from the headrest, making even an open roof trip at motorway speed sustainable. The important thing, of course, is to mount the windbreak which does its job very well up to 120 km / h (see my hair in the video to believe).

Ferrari Portofino M
Ferrari Portofino M

How much does it cost in reality

Like every dream car even the Portofino M has its price. On paper we start from 206.000 euro, but in reality you have to deal with the options and customizations that in Maranello you pay a lot and separately.

To be clear, the exemplary protagonist of this test is fully equipped, from the special color “Rosso Portofino” (+ 7,400 euros) to the new 20 ‘forged and diamond-coated alloy wheels (+ 5,100 euros). All the visible carbon that you have surely noticed (steering wheel, internal bridge, extractor, etc.) is worth over 25 thousand euros.

But since the theme of this test is the daily use of such a car, I have prepared one shopping list of the options that cannot be renounced if you focus on the usability of the Portofino M. Take note (if you can allow it) and … good everyday Ferrari!

ADAS full pack 5.400 euro
Adaptive full led headlights 2.000 euro
Surround view camera 360° 3.600 euro
Premium Hi-Fi 3.700 euro
Neck wamer 2.000 euro
Magneride suspension 3.300 euro

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