Call of Duty Warzone: revealed the map that “will replace” Verdansk?

They are hot hours for fans of Call of Duty Warzone. After the recent update released yesterday, fans have begun to speculate on the future of the title and Verdansk, destined to become ashes. The arrival of the Zombies was a brilliant idea by the developers in being able to raze the city.

In these hours, the possible new Call of Duty Warzone game map seems to have leaked online. No fear, this is not yet another April Fool, but a dedicated trailer appeared on Youtube, later deleted which would confirm everything. The Twitter account On Thin Ice stated a few minutes ago that he saw it and promptly decided to remove it later realizing that news had not yet been made public.

As often happens, the internet is unforgiving, and for this a user on Reddit posted a very short movie of about 10 seconds which gives us a slightly more detailed idea of ​​the new map likely to arrive with next Season’s release. The clip, which you can view right below, would confirm the arrival of a location more in line with that seen in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. However, the theories are many, some believe that it is one Verdansk of the past, set in the 80s and that therefore the launch of the aforementioned missile has created temporal disasters (we can in fact see the stadium under construction, or a bridge instead of the dam). Obviously, since this is a speculation we cannot be sure, we will have to wait for the eventual officiality, even if it remains absolutely plausible given “The sound of rewind” which comes from the clip.

First glimpse at 80’s Verdansk from CODWarzone

News a few hours ago also that Activision is trying to keep everything in secret, preventing the alleged trailers from snacking online thus ruining the surprise. It remains curious that this happened on the first of April, certainly not a happy day for us newsers. In any case, Verdansk’s fate would appear by now “marked”, we invite you to follow our pages to discover further details and official information regarding this new and important update.

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