HYDRATOR, NewEgg’s new gaming PC also prepares cocktails for you

Working from home has now become increasingly common due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. We now spend a lot of time at home and probably many of you will miss going to the bar or pub on duty for cocktails or other types of drinks. So why not turn your gaming PC into a real personal bartender?

The well-known American chain NewEgg has in fact presented, through a nice video that you find below, HYDRATOR, powerful gaming PC equipped with components of the highest quality, not to mention a flashy and modern style with extensive use of RGB lighting, made by ENIAC.

This gaming desktop, equipped with Intel processors, not only will it allow you to work, study and play in complete tranquility, but it can also serve you various drinks. Simply choose the chosen cocktail from the special touch screen display and in a few seconds you will have, for example, your RAM & Coke, Intel Core Mari9i, CMOS-politan O 11th Gen Rocket Fuel. HYDRATOR is not only able to serve cold drinks, but it can use its dissipation system to exploit excess heat and heat liquids, especially useful during the colder seasons.

HYDRATOR comes with the operating system Windows 10 Taproom Edition, ideal solution to better control all the functions of this particular device. In addition to the components usually found in a gaming desktop, HYDRATOR takes advantage of AI technologies it’s a Raspberry Pi to carry out the actual operations relating to the creation of drinks.


Surely it is a rather interesting product that can satisfy the needs of many people and that also makes the PC a useful household appliance for the whole family. The price, however, remains quite high, equal to $ 10,010.01, so it’s certainly not suitable for all budgets. For more information, we advise you to consult the official page on the NewEgg website.

Do you need a Windows 10 Pro license for your brand new gaming PC? On Amazon it is available for a few euros, do not miss it.

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