Dungeons & Dragons monster plushies are coming

Dungeons & Dragons monster plushies are coming
Dungeons & Dragons monster plushies are coming

Kidrobot will pay homage Dungeons & Dragons with a line of soft toys dedicated to four iconic monsters from the most famous role-playing game in the world. These stuffed monsters will enrich the series Phunny and they will be a Beholder, a Snow Bear, a Warp Beast and a Mimic.

I Phunny di Dungeons & Dragons, commercially available starting from the month of October, will have a size of approx 19.5cm and a price of $ 14.99. This price range thus positions itself in that market segment occupied by the Funko Pop! and other collectible toys, such as the Ultra Pro Figurines of Adorable Power (which you can buy at this Amazon link).

Although their respective monstrous counterparts are among the most ferocious and feared creatures, the plush version will offer a representation that is anything but scary: the four iconic creatures will have one appearance funny and “cuddly” which will make these dolls a perfect gift for anyone who loves an aesthetic Kawaii or able to find beauty in even the most lethal and monstrous creatures.

The four monsters selected to be part of this first Phunny series represent some of the historical threats, faced by a multitude of players since the first editions of D&D.
L’Orsogufo, among the four, is a monster usually reserved for younger adventurers and inexperienced, which is why it is often fondly remembered: in this toy version it is characterized by an expression threatening (but adorable) complete with ruffled feathers.
The Distorting Beast is a monstrous panther capable of teleport if and create illusory images of himself to confuse his enemies. In what feline emanation, the version of Phunny is represented with a top between the jaws.
Cross and delight of the most avid adventurers, the Mimic it is a monster that takes on the appearance of commoners inanimate objects, with the hope of being able to feed on the unwary who will try to grab the treasure.
To conclude the Beholder is one of the aberrations scariest that the unfortunate adventurers could ever encounter. Equipped with several peduncles capable of throwing various magical effects, this great floating eye represents a formidable opponent as it is capable of neutralize any magical effects. In the plush version this monster will show off, rightly, thecontemptuous expression of the Dungeon Master who already anticipates the defeat of the party.


Dungeons Dragons monster plushies coming

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