Chinese rocket in free fall, fear from space

Chinese rocket in free fall, fear from space
Chinese rocket in free fall, fear from space

PISA – The Institute of Information Science and Technologies of the CNR of Pisa maintains that lO stage of the Chinese Long March 5B rocket, which on April 29 brought the first module of the Tiangong space station into orbit, would be in uncontrolled fall.  “This is the second time this has happened with this version of the rocket – explains Luciano Anselmo, of the CNR Institute -. The first in 2020, when the fragments fell on some villages in Africa “.

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Chinese rocket: “Abandoned in orbit, it is falling back to Earth”

This version of the Long March rocket was first launched in May 2020, when it took the Chinese astronaut shuttle into orbit for an unmanned test flight. Even then it was the one who fell uncontrollably towards the Earth main stage of the rocket, heavy 20 tons. The launch on 29 April was flawless, but the fact is, as Anselmo points out, “dfter the launch the stage of the rocket was abandoned in orbit and no longer shows signs of life “. That is, it behaves like a “passive vehicle” and the only influence it undergoes is “the brake of the atmosphere, which is causing it to fall back towards the Earth”. The suspicion is also confirmed by the orbit it is describing, similar both to that traveled in 2020 by its predecessor and to that in 2018 by the prototype of the old Chinese space station. “Currently – observes the CNR researcher – the fall could occur in the range between 41.5 degrees in the North and 41.5 degrees in the South, and which also includes central and southern Italy. Return – concludes the expert – it is likely in the middle of next week, with an uncertainty of a few days. “


Chinese rocket free fall fear space

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