Maria Paola Merloni and the ice cream machine at home – Chronicle

Maria Paola Merloni and the ice cream machine at home – Chronicle
Maria Paola Merloni and the ice cream machine at home – Chronicle

Fabriano (Ancona), May 4, 2021 – “Come , take a seat: see there is where I live. My home, here where I work: TooA home, playing with the words of our newly patented brand. “The smile is not visible, because it is covered by the ordinance mask, but below there is the portrait of a determined and above all charged woman . Until a few years ago this was not the case because it was deeply marked by the sale of the Indesit family business to Whirlpool and the long debate that ensued in a disoriented city, but today the 57-year-old Maria Paola Merloni has decided to relaunch. She does so, having archived her experience in politics as a senator, trying to follow in the footsteps of father Vittorio and grandfather Aristide, the symbolic figures of the local business district, who inspired her with her new industrial project, machines for making homemade ice cream in single portion, aiming today at the Italian market and from next year to the international one.

“I do not hide the fact that some looks, words, a certain regret of the people after the sale of Indesit, have left their mark. This is also why I decided to go back to business and I wanted to do it here in Fabriano where mine are roots. My city is the seat of this new adventure made with a little madness and a lot of courage “.

There is perfume of industrial romanticism and a relaunched love for the territory, behind a strongly desired project, “because by nature I don’t know how to do nothing and so I decided to get back into the game in the ‘food tech’ sector, taking an idea born in England and bringing it here to be developed, in a territory that can leverage the very strong know-how created over time in the household appliances sector “. With an investment of seven million euros a project has started which, despite the Covid lockdown, has always grown leading to the purchase and redevelopment of a property in Via Pascoli, the headquarters of the former Turboair, a company of extractor hoods that has no longer been operational. In the ultra-modern premises at the entrance to which the bust of Aristide Merloni stands proudly, twenty people already work there, coordinated by the very young, 29 years old, CEO Giulio Zuccoli, already one of the most appreciated managers of Klecha, Italy’s top independent bank in extraordinary operations in the technology sector. “Local suppliers make the machine and part of its components, the ice cream mix is ​​instead produced in Piedmont under the control of a master ice cream maker who develops recipes for various classic and gourmet flavors such as parmesan or rice and saffron. We will market through both channels. distribution classics and online in autumn from Italy but already in 2022 we will launch in France, then Germany and then the other European countries. But now it’s time to taste the ice cream “.

Like a coffee machine

Go down downstairs where the small machine (“Forgive me, but no photos, we are still in the test phase”) of a few tens of centimeters in height and even less in width, practically like a coffee machine, immediately gives the idea of ​​the conjunction between elegant design and extreme simplicity. One button, one only, to press after the single serve of ice cream from the package drops into the small glass reusable and, once the button is pushed, the creamy ice cream is ready to be enjoyed in just three minutes. “The success of a company today is not made only with numbers and we have made the value of sustainability our own. For which construction and packaging materials respect the protection of the environment, the quantity of ice cream produced with natural ingredients is equivalent to a portion of two balls to avoid waste. By the way, did you like it? “.

Yes, they liked it and a lot too. But this is not the point. What matters is to see a passionate woman ready for an innovative bet that can help the relaunch of the limp territory of Fabriano to which she feels bound by origins, traditions and entrepreneurial DNA.

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