PS5: too difficult to finish games? A Sony patent will help you

PS5: too difficult to finish games? A Sony patent will help you
PS5: too difficult to finish games? A Sony patent will help you

That PS5 is still practically unobtainable, this is a fact, but it seems that Sony continues to expand its mind by starting to sow new patents, some very interesting like the acquisition of Discord which would really allow new methods of communication between users. In short, it seems that Japanese society is seriously thinking big for the future, perhaps not always in a forward-looking way but at times taking up interesting ideas or creating new ones. Today we will therefore return to talking about patents, the last really very strange revealed last April even provided for an AI capable of finish the titles for us, as incredible as it is disturbing.

Although the latter is nonetheless “Pretty tight”, here in a report it was recently discovered another patent, a very interesting one with “retro” implications. Sony describes it as a system that allows players to connect to “experts” able to help their players and support them 100%. It wouldn’t be the first time, too Nintendo during the 90s he had a real special call center with players from all over the world who helped the customer step by step, obviously in those years, since the internet did not exist, the situation could degenerate in a moment and for this reason in a short time the leaders of the Japanese company decided to close everything.

PS5 therefore, according to this patent, will take the remnants of the idea conceived by Nintendo pperfecting it using all the features. From the file we can see how it is activate a chat, in which we can contact an expert and explain our problems to him. This will answer us and help us overcome a possible puzzle or a deadly boss fight that has kept us glued for weeks. It could turn out to be a really brilliant idea, capable of bringing even those who have not grown up closer to “Bread and joystick”.

In short, to date it is a patent, but it seems that this is decidedly more promising than the others and above all decidedly less disturbing. We will see if it is really developed and integrated then in our PS5. Waiting for that fateful day, we invite you to follow our pages to find out some more details about it.

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PS5 difficult finish games Sony patent

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