How to install all apps on Android Auto with AAAD (without root)

How to install all apps on Android Auto with AAAD (without root)
How to install all apps on Android Auto with AAAD (without root)

Vincenzo Ronca
03/05/2021 ore 17:23 – Updated on 03/05/2021 at 21:53

Android Auto is definitely one of those sectors that has been gaining momentum more and more interest in recent times, also thanks to Google that has decided to invest more resources in it. We have seen several news arrive on this platform, but its official version of course cannot please everyone. The universe of the developers of third parts which revolves around Android Auto is, fortunately, vast and offers valid alternatives. There are therefore several third-party apps that allow some interesting extra features, such as the ability to access YouTube, play videos, set widgets. In short, all alternatives that allow you to do things you usually can’t do with Android Auto (for obvious and reasonable road safety reasons). The other side of the coin is that these apps often involve complicate procedure installation, starting from the acquisition of permissions in the root.

AAAD is the (un) key to Android Auto

AAAD stands for Android Auto Apps Downloader and was developed by Gabriele Rizzo (our main contributor when it comes to Android Auto). The app consists of an installer, which is a tool that facilitates the installation of other apps. It may seem trivial but since it is Android Auto it is right the opposite: as mentioned above, third-party apps for Android Auto require at a minimum that root permissions are acquired on the device, an operation that involves unlocking the bootloader and the consequent reset smartphone. Other procedures involve running adb commands, all of which are they are not agile to be done especially for those who have never gone into modding operations.

Then AAAD comes to the rescue, which it really is layman proof, as we pretended to be when we tried to install it on our Pixel 3 XL. Below we list the steps in detail:

  1. The app can be downloaded for free from this address, to install it you will only need to grant the installation permissions a Chrome.
  2. Once installed you will be greeted by its home screen, where I am collected all apps third-party software for Android Auto that you can install.

  3. Once you have chosen the app, perhaps by helping you with the descriptive menu associated with each app that appears after the prolonged pressure on the same app, you can proceed with the installation by tapping on the confirmation message. At the first installation, you will have to grant i installation permissions also at AAAD.

  4. Once the installation of the chosen app has been completed, you will be able to access it both from smartphone that gives Android Auto plugged into your car. For some apps it may be useful to log in first from your smartphone to configure the initial settings.

With these 4 simple steps you will have AAAD fully functioning and operational, without having carried out any modding operation on the smartphone. The following images show the potential of the included apps in AAAD. Let’s go and see them together:

  • CarStream is a full-fledged YouTube player. Videos can be searched by keyword but you can also log in through your account and access the synced content. CarStream also offers the possibility to search on Google, also fulfilling the role of web browser for Android Auto.

  • Screen2Auto, is one of the most popular apps in the Android Auto landscape to mirror the smartphone display on Android Auto. In our test it worked the first time, it will only be necessary to grant streaming permissions to the smartphone app at the first start.

  • Auto stop, is a very complete multimedia player. A variety of formats for audio and video content are supported. Fermata Control is also available which offers a much more accessible interface from Android Auto. At the first start we advise you to configure the folders you want to access from your smartphone.

  • AA Passenger, is an interesting app that allows a hypothetical passenger to control Android Auto while traveling, by setting up ad hoc sessions. To use it, the passenger must also unload AA Passenger.
  • Widget per Android Auto, which is the only one that does not need descriptions.

For now, the developer reports installation problems on OPPO, Realme, Huawei and Honor smartphones and some Samsung devices with Android 8.0. In particular, in these cases, the apps are actually installed but are not available on the car. Gabriele has made it known, through the Telegram channel of application updates, that he is working on solving these problems.

Free download and premium version

AAAD is available at free download on GitHub, where the public level source code. With the free version, you can download and install only one app per month. By subscribing to the premium version, with a payment equal to 3,50€ once, it will be possible to have unlimited access to all apps. Below you will find the download link, and the link to the dedicated page on GitHub.

AAAD Android Auto Apps Downloader 1.2 | Download GitHub

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