Animal Crossing arrives on the Microsoft Store, but the accounts don’t add up

Animal Crossing arrives on the Microsoft Store, but the accounts don’t add up
Animal Crossing arrives on the Microsoft Store, but the accounts don’t add up

Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the most commercially successful titles in the Nintendo Switch catalog.

Launched in March 2020, the game has been able to attract the attention of historical fans and those who approached the franchise for the first time (also because of the quarantine?).

The social life simulator of the Japanese giant does not need much introduction: released on Nintendo 64 and Gamecube in 2001, it can count on a large number of sequels on fixed, portable and mobile consoles.

According to the latest rumors, Nintendo has increased the production of its hybrid console and is currently working on a new (and more performing) version of the Nintendo Switch, which has been talked about for some time.

In Japan, the latest born in the house of the big N (excluding the Lite version) also beat PS2, if we take the same time window as a reference period.

With great surprise, we learn that about Microsoft Store per PC there is a game with the same name, the same logo and even the same cover as Animal Crossing New Horizons despite having nothing to do with the original, as reported by TheGamer.

The copy does not has nothing to do with it with the real Animal Crossing not even from the point of view of the gameplay: it is a very simple platform in full style Frogger.

The product is sold to $2,99 and it turns out to be developed from that HugoStudioLab, with a description that reads like this:

«Farm animals have escaped. Help them cross the street without getting hit “.

The title has the strange peculiarity of being a double clone: if on the one hand it steals the name from the Nintendo simulator, on the other it is as it is a Crossy Road, game released on mobile platforms in 2014.

We are sure that the great N will have already activated in an attempt to do so remove the product from the Microsoft store.

The programmers probably intended to exploit the fame of the original, which it managed to beat too FIFA, to try to place a few more copies incorrectly.

It is still a game that has managed to sell nearly 14 million units in the first six weeks of launch, and it is no mystery that its name attracts a large number of users.

Despite the sunny atmospheres of the last chapter of Animal Crossing, there are those who have decided to reinterpret it in a horror key, giving life to a real revival of the atmospheres of Silent Hill.

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