Xbox Series X | S: an epochal turning point for the digital store? [AGGIORNATA]

Update of 03/05/2021

Following the report published by The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson wanted to state that “For the moment, the American company is not willing to change the revenue deriving from the console market”.

According to reports from The Verge, Microsoft has plans to make changes to the revenue sharing for developers and publishers for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S Microsoft Store purchases. The news comes out of some documents dating back to January, relating to the Epic Games vs. Apple, in which Microsoft was also sued: in some pages the desire to increase the revenue of publishers comes to light.

A graph indeed reveals that over the course of this year Microsoft intends to retain 12% of sales instead of 30%, in such a way as to allow publishers to receive 88% of the revenues from console transactions, namely Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. A similar change had already been made for the PC side on the Windows Store, as the Redmond house had recently increased the same margins for developers and publishers from 70% to 88%.

It therefore seems that Microsoft wants to align PC revenues with console ones, offering software houses and publishers the opportunity to earn even more on its platforms. This choice represents an important change in the publishing world, given that sales of video games will earn more for those who produce them rather than to the digital distributor. Probably, the choice of Microsoft is mainly aimed at increasing revenues with Xbox Game Pass that allow you to make decisions at the expense of the sale of individual games.

However, we would like to specify that for now there is nothing confirmed and that Microsoft has yet to formalize the change. A spokesman for the company limited himself to specifying that “for the moment we have no plans regarding the modification of the revenue sharing quotas for console games”. We can expect news from Microsoft in the coming months, especially since this change could change the cards a lot: in fact, Sony and Nintendo continue to keep 30% of the earnings on their proprietary digital sales stores.

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