WhatsApp, new function for all users: the update arrives

WhatsApp, new function for all users: the update arrives
WhatsApp, new function for all users: the update arrives

Check out a new function on WhatsApp ready to satisfy all users. It will come with the latest update: let’s see what changes.

Comes a new application option for the messaging app (via Screenshot)

The novelties never end for WhatsApp with a new feature ready to land on the application. In fact, the application is ready to launch two new message playback speeds: 1,5X e 2X. The function will serve to make it easier to play long vowels. The novelty should come with the updates to the versions e

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Currently the function is not available on the mother application, but only on the BETA version of Android e iOS. In fact the app will be available on both Play Store than on App Store. The developers of Menlo Park they decided to give more importance to the vowels, which are among the most sent messages together with the stickers. Also to improve the application, the WhatsApp developers copied this feature directly from Telegram, rival app that is growing month after month.

WhatsApp, the new function of ‘speeded up’ messages arrives: many new features are coming

But this speeded-up messaging isn’t the only news coming up on WhatsApp. In fact, this month the new terms of service will be activated. The new TOS it will be mandatory and if users do not accept, they will not be able to make incoming and outgoing calls or video calls. The update did not drive users crazy, with several users choosing to leave the messaging service.

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Due to the many doubts of users on the protection of privacy, the developers have decided to postpone compulsory from February 15th to May 15th. In the meantime, however, several users have decided to switch from WhatsApp to Signal O Telegram. In recent months the two applications have achieved respectively 50 million e 500 million downloads. In addition, Signal, for its security, managed to receive the endorsment of both Elon Musk that of the European Union.


WhatsApp function users update arrives

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