PS5, crash makes some titles unplayable (including Returnal)

PS5, crash makes some titles unplayable (including Returnal)
PS5, crash makes some titles unplayable (including Returnal)

Some gamers are reporting repeated crashes on PS5 regarding major titles like Spider Man Miles Morales and the brand new Returnal.

Housemarque’s latest effort has just begun to keep fans busy thanks to the inhospitable atmosphere of the planet Atropos, the scene of the (mis) adventures of the lonely astronaut Selene, victim of a time loop in the gripping Sony exclusive.

Despite the problems, the sales of the next-gen console have recorded truly enviable records: it is recent news that the numbers totaled by PS4 in the same reference period have been exceeded.

The excellent reaction of the public (despite the difficulties due to low availability) goes hand in hand with that of the experts: PS5 is in fact the console preferred by developers according to a survey conducted by GDC.

Now, it seems that an understandable concern is not only the distributive aspect of the console, but also the reporting of problems encountered by gamers during the start of games, as reported by users of ResetEra.

Some users have encountered constant crashes, which can make it impossible to properly enjoy titles such as Spider Man Miles Morales e Returnal.

User Raylan, author of the post, warned the community: “if you are playing Returnal, you have certainly encountered crashes».

On Housemarque’s Discord channel, someone directly mentioned the fact, receiving in response the following words from the software house:

“It is a PlayStation platform problem.

We got to talk to Sony for report crashes.

Specifically, it appears to be something that has to do with the start of the game».

It therefore seems that the cause is not to be found in the software, but in an “anomalous” behavior of the platform, which would not allow the game to react adequately to the loading of some data, causing a real crash.

On the forum of ResetEra some users have reported the presence of the phenomenon not only on the aforementioned games, but also on titles such as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the unexpected Subnautica.

It should be emphasized that these are cases that are not excessively widespread, but still capable of causing considerable difficulties for gamers. In this regard, many have stressed the urgency of an intervention by Sony.

We remind you that Returnal was recently the focus of the analysis of Digital Foundry, who investigated its technical performance.

This is not the only stumbling block encountered in the last period by Sony users: following the update of April 14 for PS5, problems were reported with data transfer on USB hard drives.

Despite these understandable stumbles, the next-gen console has just had its best month in Italy, after the record found in the United States just a few weeks earlier.

The Japanese giant is currently engaged in resolving the now known shortage of stocks: after having launched an appeal to suppliers to ensure stability of the production process, he said he was willing to review the design of the console in order to resolve the crisis.

If you are looking forward to owning a PS5 to play Returnal, you can get ready by purchasing a DualSense on Amazon.

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