MIUI 12.5 also arrives on these non-Xiaomi smartphones

At the end of 2020 Xiaomi has packaged the incremental update MIUI 12.5 which was developed to accompany the arrival on the market of the latest smartphone family Wed 11.

For the moment there have been a handful of devices to have received the latest version of the user interface, now it’s up to a fair number of POCO smartphones: a brand that starting from November 2020 has decided to become totally independent.

In the last few hours the communication has been issued that the program will start shortly Beta Testing which will bring the new and latest update to these smartphones in a matter of weeks:

  • LITTLE F3;
  • POCO F2 PRO;
  • POCO X2;
  • POCO X3 PRO;
  • LITTLE M2;
  • POCO M3;
  • POCO M2 PRO;
  • POCO X3 NFC version;
  • LITTLE C3.

The improvements brought with the MIUI 12.5 they are many. For example being a leaner interface with a up to 22% less load for the CPU and up to 15% less for energy consumption. The programmers have also worked hard on the video performance of the system UI with processes dedicated to the gestures and execution of their animations. In this way the process will have the exclusivity of the hardware when called into question.

Furthermore, the new interface gives the user greater freedom, making him decide how and what to do with the pre-installed apps. Even the system ones can be uninstalled if deemed useless.

Finally, it is not certain that some of the smartphones absent in the list cannot still receive the update, even by not officially participating in the Beta Testing program.

A few weeks ago we reported a news concerning the possibility that Xiaomi could abandon its historical MIUI to make a transition to the new one My TaleUI. With this redesigned UI you could decide to rejuvenate the interface and name of your personal Android customization.

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MIUI arrives nonXiaomi smartphones

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