a revolutionary feature coming soon, but it won’t be for everyone!

Whatsapp is about to introduce a new feature that is about to be revolutionary: however, it is not intended for everyone. The reason.

The well-known Whatsapp messaging app (via pixabay)

Now we can’t do without it: having the possibility to trace any contact of the our column with a message or a voice note is very convenient. All within a few simple clicks, also for this reason messaging app have burst into our daily life.

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Obviously there is one of the most downloaded ever Whatsapp. Every day millions of chats come alive all over the world and allow people to interact even from a distance. The developers try to always update the app in question with new features and it will soon arrive a real revolution.

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The revolutionary feature of Whatsapp

The social messaging icon (via pixabay)

The app developers are thinking of revolutionizing the notification system. In the version beta of WhatsApp for iOS, in fact, they are testing the effectiveness of a new alert method. To make it easier to recognize the contact who sent a message, it was decided to include the photo as well.

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When a notification is received, therefore, in addition to the wording that we have all learned to know, the profile image of the user who wrote or sent a voice note will also appear. For the moment, it is an alert system that is being tested and enabled only for the users who use it iOS 15. But there is more. Not everyone who owns iOS 15 participates in the test for now. In fact, the function is only active for some beta testers. Could we all use them soon? Only time will tell.

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