BioShock’s heir is in big trouble

Do you remember Ghost Story Games? Hard to forget: the development studio was in fact founded by Ken Levine, father of BioShock. It was 2014 when one of the most influential authors in the history of video games decided to go on his own, abandoning Irrational Games. It’s been 8 years and there is still no trace of Levine’s new game and a Bloomberg report, published today, states that the development is practically hell.

As reported by Jason Schreier in the report, i work in Ghost Story Games is progressing slowly. Ghost Story Games employees accuse Ken Levine of torturing the project he is working on, with several internal reboots, changes of direction in every direction and above all pressure on the staff. The reasons? They would all be in Levine’s managerial shortcomings.

On the other hand, the report is not very generous towards the game designer and author of the BioShock saga. Employees, who want to remain anonymous for fear of heavy consequences within the workplace, have stated that Take-Two (publisher of Levine’s next game) tolerates this because it knows the value of the game designer, but at the same time. developers accuse him of a lack of leadership, so much so that the whole situation would have caused (according to some former collaborators) loss of mental health. One of Levine’s closest figures was Mike Snight, who in 2014 was contacted by the author to help him in this new adventure.

“Ken is a difficult person, especially when you have to work with him. I think it has tried a lot to change and manages to excel because Ghost Story Games is smaller than Irrational Games ”. Snight resigned, however, because he no longer felt happy working on the project that was supposed to revolutionize him storytelling in video games.

The situation in Ghost Story Games is downright absurd. The first target for the release of their video game was set for 2017, but it has subsequently been moved from year to year. The lack of crunch, initially appreciated according to some former employees, has led to no deadline of any kind, making it an even greater challenge. Then aggravated by the fact that since everything is without any type of announcement, the artists are forbidden to include their works in the portfolio, thus leaving all those who are looking for a new work experience.

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BioShocks heir big trouble

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