the spectacular amateur remake will be released in 2022

the spectacular amateur remake will be released in 2022
the spectacular amateur remake will be released in 2022

For a long time, there have been constant rumors about a remake of the fourth chapter of the historic horror series by Capcom: Resident Evil 4 Remake would have been revealed by the Wesker actor, and the hypothesis that the project really exists is becoming more and more concrete. Yet, many are still waiting for the re-release of another famous episode.

Despite numerous requests, so far Capcom has never unbuttoned a possible remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica: originally released on Dreamcast and then converted to many other systems, it has always been considered one of the games of Resident Evil most loved by fans. After Resident Evil 2 e 3 Remake, for many it was natural that it was the turn of the adventure of Claire Redfield, but at the moment it seems that the Japanese house has other plans for its flagship brand.

So if Capcom is not decided, a group of enthusiasts thought of creating a re-edition amateur of the famous survival horror. Already during 2021 we had seen a movie of the fan made remake of Resident Evil Code Veronica that had left its mark for the great care taken in the re-proposition in a current key of the 2000 title, and now the same group confirms that their project will see the light in the course of 2022. For the occasion, a new trailer was also released that shows the further progress on the interesting work, which is strongly inspired by the modern Resident Evil 2 and 3 by Capcom.

How does this new Code Veronica look to you?


spectacular amateur remake released

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