Nokia G20 is the smartphone you don’t expect

Nokia G20 is the smartphone you don’t expect
Nokia G20 is the smartphone you don’t expect

If you are looking for a smartphone that is under 200 euros, I have great news for you. Nokia G20 is finally on promotion on Amazon and you can take it home with a truly exceptional expense. In fact, you barely pay for it 172,00€ and you cannot regret it because it is complete with everything and for daily use it is more than excellent.

If you want, you can also pay with zero rate financing and shipments are fast and free throughout Italy with Prime. Of course it comes before Christmas so buy it for someone special too if you want.

Nokia G20: a smartphone that conquers you

Nokia G20 is a smartphone that you may not immediately take into consideration, but discovering what it is capable of conquering. In fact it has nothing to envy, but on the contrary, perhaps it makes available to you even more than it should compared to its price range.

With his 6.5-inch display you enjoy all the contents at maximum resolution while also being able to opt for streaming contents without limitations. In addition, the almost non-existent edges make the vision even wider than it actually is.

Inside it integrates a Octa Core processor which combined with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of memory is a blast to use. And if you need more space, don’t worry, seeing that with a simple one MicroSD you can go up to 512GB in one move.

The real gem of this smartphone, however, is its own battery that supports you up to two days in a row and without effort.
Still doubts? This is a model 2021 and it will be updated (feature confirmed) for at least 3 years so you won’t be left behind.

Buy your Nokia G20 now on Amazon for only € 172.00. You order and receive it before Christmas without having to pay any additional costs, shipping is completely free. And if you want to pay it in installments at zero interest, don’t forget to choose Cofidis among the payment methods.

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Nokia G20 smartphone dont expect

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