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Some WINDTRE customers involved in the unilateral changes introduced starting from 20 January 2022, they may also request to maintain the costs and contents of their starting offer by sending an SMS with NVAR to 40400, within 30 days of the communication.

In doing so, the orange operator offers some of its customers the opportunity to “to reject”The tariff rescheduling applied.

To take advantage of this opportunity you have to send an SMS to the number 40400, within 30 days of notification of the changes. The message in question must simply contain the text “NVAR“.

A few moments after the aforementioned SMS has been sent, the customer receives a reply message in which he is notified that his request has been taken in charge.

here is the WindTre reply SMS text: “The request to keep your current offer has been taken over“.

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It is fair to point out that only those who receive the SMS with the communication to send NVAR can maintain the costs and contents of their offer. In any case, however, the general conditions of the contract change the same.

Those who have not received the message can check via a dedicated page on the operator’s official website (here is the direct link) if involved, by entering his / her mobile phone number e an OTP code (One Time Password) sent by the operator.

Within the information SMS sent to the customers involved there is a link that refers to a page of the official WindTre website, from which it is possible to know the details of the changes addressed to the customer.

If the customer does not receive the SMS and there is no change communication within this dedicated area, it means that the customer is not involved in this remodeling (editor’s note, it is useless to send NVAR).

If there is an error message, it is recommended to try again in the following days to see if the customer is involved.

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WindTre remodeling from 20 January 2022

In fact, we remember as already described in detail by MondoMobileWeb, which from 6 December 2021 some WINDTRE customers are receiving information on important innovations introduced in their tariff offer.

The news concern contractual changes that come communicated to the interested parties via informative SMS, containing the access link to a dedicated web page, with all the details applicable to the specific offer active on the mobile line.

One follows summary of the different types of variation, introduced starting from January 20, 2022.

Changes on customers with prepaid mobile offer: the General Conditions of Contract for WINDTRE services are modified, for customers who have activated an offer up to 6 December 2021. Specifically, the changes concern articles 6.1.5 and 6.1.7 on the use of the service in devices or terminals approved and not different from a mobile phone or smartphone.

Variations on some offers that include only voice or voice traffic plus SMS: starting January 20, 2022 the monthly cost will increase in amount variable according to the characteristics of the initial offer and, minutes included, where not already foreseen, they will become unlimited starting December 20, 2021.

Customers affected by the change will also be able to activate an option that offers 50 Giga per month for free, for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, following the instructions provided in the communication within 30 days of the same.

Variations on some offers that include data traffic: for affected customers, the tariff options will suffer a increase in the content of available Giga, from a minimum of 20 Giga up to Unlimited Giga, in addition to a increased monthly cost, which varies according to the characteristics of the initial offer.

The benefits on the extra Giga will be available progressively starting from 20 December 2021, while the monthly cost will be adjusted starting from the renewals after 19 January 2022.

On some offers that will benefit from Unlimited Giga, browsing speed will be allowed up to a maximum of 10 Mbps. Furthermore, for some WindTre customers paying by credit card or current account, the charge of the relative offer will become prepaid.

As required by article 70 paragraph 4 of the Electronic Communications Code, if WindTre customers do not accept the aforementioned changes they will be able to exercise the right of withdrawal or switch to another operator, without penalties or decommissioning costs, within 60 days from the SMS communication.

Compared to the past the customer has the right to 60 days instead of 30 days, thanks to the new European Code of Electronic Communications.

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