PlayStation Plus after the “scam game” is controversy over a new free game

PlayStation Plus after the “scam game” is controversy over a new free game
PlayStation Plus after the “scam game” is controversy over a new free game

It is now possible to say that the line-up of Playstation plus for the month of December it seems that it is not managing to fully satisfy the registered users, due to the versions inserted within the catalog.

In fact, we recall that the announcement of the new free PlayStation Plus games was followed by numerous controversy from users, who have complained about a particular game.

We are talking about Godfall Challenger Edition, a version of the title with only endgame content and without the campaign: the operation infuriated users, who defined it “a fraud».

Just a few minutes ago, however, the new free games were made available for download: the availability of the titles, however, brought a new confirmation on another particularly awaited game, which caused a new wave of frustration.

It took users very little time to realize that the version of Mortal Shell included with PlayStation Plus is not the Enhanced Edition, ma la basic version of the title, without the possibility of a normally free upgrade.

Recall that the Enhanced Edition it is nothing more than a simple one graphic improvement of the soulslike: the new edition guarantees a constant gameplay at 60fps and the possibility of accessing ultra textures and the resolution in 4K.

However, users who will redeem Mortal Shell on PlayStation Plus they will not be able to upgrade for free your own version of the title, being able to simply use the previous version.

The confirmation it came directly from the soulslike developers with a post on Twitter, who clarified how the only version included on PlayStation Plus is the simple basic version:

If users want to access graphical upgrades instead, it will be necessary spend € 29.99, or the same amount proposed for the title without any kind of discount.

It is about a controversial decision which is, understandably, making the fans of the community upset not a little, currently divided with those who take it out on the developers and those against Sony itself: after all, a similar situation had already happened recently with Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In one of our specials we talked about the confusion made by PlayStation Plus not only in this case, but also in the course of the previous months: if it does not want to deal with the anger of users and a potential substantial loss of subscribers, most likely something. will have to change as soon as possible.

If you want to retrieve the complete edition of the soulslike in physical format, you can buy the Set Deluxe from Mortal Shell Enhanced Edition at a special price.

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