Want to see your friends’ WhatsApp status without getting caught? Do this and no one will know

Are you curious to see WhatsApp statuses, but don’t want them to know? Try this simple trick and it will remain a secret.

Today, what would a life without a smartphone be like? We are so used to using it daily and constantly, that it may seem crazy to be even half a day without it.

Want to see WhastApp statuses without getting caught? Just do it like this.

We are so obsessed with our phone that, in those rare moments when we are doing nothing, we start fiddling with various applications and sites. And it is precisely in these moments that one of the first things you do is open WhatsApp and ‘poke your nose’ into the updated status of your contacts. And among the various that we have in the column, maybe there is just that person who is not particularly nice to you, but the temptation to see his state is too strong. So what to do in these cases? Let the other person realize that you have viewed their status or history?

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Revealed the trick to see the statuses on WhatsApp without getting caught

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications on their smartphones. Just think, that thanks to this application, it will be possible to text, call or video call in real time, even those who are very far from us. And given its great use, the developers have tried to make it better and better. One of the last things added was the sharing of one’s own state. Just like it already does on other platforms. These states, visible for 24 hours, except for limitations, can be visible to all numbers in the phonebook.

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Do this and you will be able to see the statuses on WhatsApp without getting caught.

Precisely for this reason, it will therefore happen that the very person who does not like you too much will have put a state and that you want to see it at all costs without the other person seeing it. Is all this possible? Of course yes! And the trick to doing it is really very simple.

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All you have to do is:

  1. Enter on WhatsApp and click on the 3 dots on the top right;
  2. Enter in the settings section;
  3. Click on the Account section;
  4. Now go to the section Privacy;
  5. Deactivate the ‘read receipt’;

And that’s it, now you can see all the states you want without the other side noticing. Really that easy.


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