Apple will unveil 4 new iPads and 4 new Macs in 2022! And there will also be the AR viewer

Mark Gurman diBloombergin the latest issue of his Power On newsletter he indicated a list of what Apple should present next year, a series of important products that suggests a rather eventful 2022 for the Cupertino company. Yes, because that’s not all there will be major renewals regarding the various Mac and iPad products but also the introduction for the first time of the Augmented Reality viewer that the company intends to bring to market.

Apple: 4 new iPads and 4 new Macs (and the first AR headset) on the way

iPad 2022

There will be so many products and among these arriving in 2022 there will be am 4 ipad. Yes, Apple seems determined to renew the entire iPad series and to do so clearly introduce not only new hardware but also changes that affect the design. Here is that in this case the news that Gurman hypothesizes are those of a new iPad Pro with a completely different appearance, always in the two 11 or 12.9 inch versions, from today’s one but above all with the novelty of the wireless wireless charging.

In addition to the Pro version there will also be news regarding the iPad Air which will probably be renewed mainly in the hardware and then again the basic iPad which instead could finally see a more important aesthetic side renewal as well as at the component level. Unfortunately for in addition to this information, Gurmann does not provide anything else.

Mac 2022

As for Macs, the innovations that Apple could introduce are many and above all the idea of ​​the Cupertino company to complete the switch from Intel to ARM processors in a total way. Here the idea will be to have a new high-end iMac with a renewed design and capable of approaching what has already been done with the iMac 24 but perhaps introducing a model with a larger display (we are talking about 27 or even a 32-inch) and with a much more powerful processor than the 24-inch version.

There will definitely be a renewal also with regard to the MacBook starting above all from the MacBook Air that s, it was revamped last year as the first machine with an M1 processor but that hasn’t seen any kind of aesthetic change. For this reason Apple seems willing to completely change the design of this model, there are rumors of colored versions with the display body in white. The new MacBook Air 2022 could also introduce the new M2 processor from Apple, the second generation of what has been done so far with the new ARM CPUs.

Not only because in addition to this there may also be a renewal of the Mac Mini, also introduced last year with the Apple Silicon M1. Here, the design could slightly change but above all the processor which could be placed side by side with that of the MacBook Air. And 2022 could also be the year of the MacPro that Apple could also renew here by introducing its “ made in Cupertino ” processors.

Apple Glass (visore AR)

The real protagonist of 2022 could to be the first viewer of the Cupertino company. Apple Glass, as they have always been called by rumors, could really arrive in 2022 and could seriously revolutionize the Augmented Reality viewer market.

According to Gurman, Apple will focus on three characteristics able to immediately place an important gap with other companies: games, media consumption and communication. Gaming should be a strong point of the device, especially considering that it will have multiple processors, an active cooling system, ultra-high resolution display and its own App Store.. As for the second characteristic, namely that of media consumption, according to Gurman, Apple will work with all its partners to create content that can be viewed directly in VR on the device. Finally, as far as communication is concerned, Gurman talks about experiences that involve the use of something similar to Animoji and FaceTime calls but in virtual reality, giving life to a new era of experiences.

Apple Watch 2022

Finally, the news of the Apple Watch will not be missing either. In this case, according to Gurman, Apple will be ready to bring to the market a new Apple Watch SE, that is the less powerful version of its smartwartch, therefore a completely updated model and even a new “ rugged ” Watch that is, with features that will allow it to be used for extreme sports.

AirPods Pro 2022

They will also be there to rule it in 2022. Yes, the AirPods Pro will be renewed after years of hard work. They could also change on an aesthetic level with a novelty for their conformation of the main bulb and will be enriched especially at the hardware level with possible novelties in sound and noise suppression. We don’t have much more information but certainly the possibility of seeing the new generation of AirPods Pro really high.

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