subReddit closed momentarily due to excessive user toxicity –

subReddit closed momentarily due to excessive user toxicity –
subReddit closed momentarily due to excessive user toxicity –

Halo Infinite continues to experience a bizarre dualism between the very warm and positive welcome reserved by a large number of users, who appreciate the excellent gameplay of the new chapter of the 343 Industries series, and the continuous controversy of various others who continue to protest about the progression system set for multiplayer: well, the latter seem to have taken over the SubReddit forcing moderators to close the channel for a while due to the excessive toxicity achieved.

R / halo was therefore closed until further notice, probably until tomorrow, due to theexcessive toxicity reached by the community: with around one million users, this is a particularly populous SubReddit, but apparently the more toxic part has recently taken over.

The moderators have decided to block the activities for “excessive toxicity” achieved, considering that the criticisms have often resulted in threats and offenses towards developers, exasperating 343 Industries as well as channel managers on Reddit. Although many criticisms have been constructive and have also helped the developers to improve the game, the continuous use of these has reached a level that is difficult to sustain.

“On all sides this business has gone on too long and is finally over out of control. The amount of toxicity of the diver from various sides made it impossible to have civil discussions, something that the mod team always tries to maintain, “reads the motivations of the community managers.” Some users of the diver were also responsible to attack electronically and threaten with death. We have decided to temporarily disable the sub, hoping that users will calm down a bit and we can reset everything in preparation for the launch. At the end of the fair it is a video game and this level of negativity is unmotivated. “

In the meantime, we’ve learned that there are three multiplayer playlists coming in December, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will get exclusive monthly bonuses.


subReddit closed momentarily due excessive user toxicity Nerd4life

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