Google Pixel Watch is better looking than Apple Watch

Google Pixel Watch is better looking than Apple Watch
Google Pixel Watch is better looking than Apple Watch

Google Pixel Watch: the Name it is practically confirmed and we have to show you also the first ones promotional materials to about. Do we have your attention? Well, make yourself comfortable because we need to do some history first.

You may remember a video of Jon Prosser last spring, in which we were shown renderings of the Google Pixel Watch reconstructed on the basis of real images of the smartwatch itself. You might have thought the Pixel Watch would launch with the Pixel 6, but it didn’t, and considering Google has deleted even other devices as time went by (most recently the Pixel Fold), it was no longer logical to assume that Pixel Watch hadn’t struck the same fate.

A few days ago, Business Insider instead confirmed that the Pixel Watch was not erased and The Verge supported this latest report, agreeing on a 2022 launch of the smartwatch. But here comes Jon Prosser.

In his latest video, which you can find below, the well-known leaker shows what appear to be authentic promotional images of Pixel Watch, in which the name of the smartwatch is clearly visible. The design we see is in all respects identical to the renderings that Prosser himself had published several months ago, they add truthfulness to the whole story, and also giving us a way to see in which direction Google wants to go.

  • Street navigation with Google Maps
  • Fitness and health
  • Calendar schedule
  • Calls

These are some of the functions that are shown, but there will certainly be many more, in a device that aspires to “bring cohesion to hardware and software“And from a design point of view, very little can be said: Pixel Watch is beautiful, even more than the Apple Watch (which has never aimed for the throne of “more beautiful”, to be honest). Especially the interface seems well thought out for its round shape, which cannot be said of all Wear OS smartwatches released so far.

However, it is still early to get excited: we don’t know when he’ll come Pixel Watch, we don’t know how much will it cost, and we don’t know if it will be available in Italy. We don’t even know what it will do in particular to stand out from the crowd of Wear OSs that aren’t never managed to bother even remotely Apple Watch, because it may also be the most beautiful smartwatch ever created, but it is certainly not only with what will convince buyers.

In short, there are still several important things to know about this Pixel Watch, which we will not fail to focus on as they are made known. For now, consider let’s say Google has our attention (as always).


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