WhatsApp takes up too much space, how to solve: do this

If WhatsApp takes up too much space here are problems: our smartphone runs out of all its capacity, can we do something? Of course yes.

WhatsApp takes up too much space what to do Photos from the web

WhatsApp takes up too much space? This can concern many, who suddenly realize that they have almost all the capacity of their smartphone occupied by the contents related to what is the most widespread instant messaging application in the world.

In fact, WhatsApp is used a lot every day, with our most frequent contacts who not only send us text messages but also voice messages, photos and videos. And the voice recordings, as well as the contents that consist of images and videos, lead to filling up the mobile phone.

That’s why WhatsApp takes up too much space. Day after day, by dint of accumulating everything, we find ourselves with a device slowed down by this factor and on which we will find it difficult to install new applications or to transfer other contents that we would like to always carry with us.

WhatsApp takes up too much space, let’s solve it like this

Photos from the web

And since WhatsApp takes up too much space, is there anything we can do to fix this? Of course yes. First of all, we have a way to free up the gigabytes of capacity space occupied over time by deleting everything that does not interest us.

In this way we will have streamlined the memory of our smartphone. And to ensure that this does not happen again, we need to change some settings within WhatsApp. First of all, it is useful to delete old conversations that no longer update because we do not interact with them.

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But, more importantly, we must disable the automatic saving that leads WhatsApp to store photos, videos and other files in memory in the mobile phone gallery. This will leave us the freedom to independently choose what to save and what not, safeguarding the space and the good working order of our devices.

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Just enter WhatsApp and select in the order:

  • settings;
  • space and data;
  • automatic media download;

Once in this submenu we can choose when and whether to automatically download photos, videos, audio and documents respectively when we are using a wifi, mobile or roaming network. If they are all ticked and we want to disable them, simply remove the tick.

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