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Map, Skins, Battle Pass and Gameplay

A few days early, a Trailer which shows most of the contents of the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Fortnite Chapter 3 in Preview

The leaks that had been circulating on the net for some time are confirmed in Trailer it is possible to see the new mechanics of the slide in action, the swing, the grapple, the fall of the trees when felled, weapons and new vehicles, places to explore of all kinds and Skins in the Battle Pass come Foundation and Spider-Man in addition to those taken from the survey by Epic Games.

That’s not all, the dynamic climate with tornadoes and storms, new ways to navigate the map and much more. The text translated into Italian of what was said in Trailer reads as follows:

The island you knew has turned upside down

Welcome to Chapter 3, where you’ll find new places to discover and previously unknown ways to experience Fortnite. Start earning Battle Pass XP in addition to Battle Royale. Play and level up as you like to unlock Battle Pass outfits, including Spider-Man! New features are also waiting to be discovered. Move around the map faster and avoid enemies with new swipe and swipe mechanics! And even set up camps where you and your team will heal and store items between games.

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Additionally, new weapons and items have been added to fortnite to help you win the Victory Royale and the prestigious victorious crown. Keep winning and keep it. In addition to these features, the island is completely new. Explore the Shrine, the Hidden House of the Seven and the Spider-Man – Daily Bugle neighborhood, as well as other locations. Remember, due to new weather conditions, anything can happen.

Also check out the Season 1 Battle Pass, Chapter 3, where you’ll find Spider-Man, The Foundation and another Visitor. What are you waiting for? Skip to Chapter 3 and explore a brand new island. It is not known what you will find there.

Before leaving you at the Trailer we anticipate that the collaboration with Gears of War.


Epic Games today released the 19.00 patch by Fortnite, which starts the Season 1 of Chapter 3, which brings with it many innovations that we report to follow.

  • New and old places from Chapter 1 to explore
  • Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) come Skin del Pass Battaglia
  • Nuove Skin Default
  • Placeable tents will take 6 damage per second during the storm
  • The redesigned sidebar has an updated look and includes new player profiles plus the one you’ve played with. Privacy settings can be adjusted via the profile tab!
  • 20-phase long challenges
  • New slide mechanics
  • New weapons
  • Vaults are back to open even with two players
  • New challenge system

The names of the various POIs

  • Chonkers Speedway
  • Scientist Laboratory
  • Condominio Canyon
  • Sound sleepy
  • Log Jam
  • Changing trees
  • Camping pampering
  • Mulinelli Rocky
  • I Jones
  • Fat Grove
  • sanctuary
  • Creamy cross
  • Daily Trumpet
  • Parking on the beach
  • Windmill farm
  • Small mine
  • Faro
  • Crazy Cactus
  • Beach huts
  • Birdwatching dunes
  • Volcano monitoring station
  • Kayak camping
  • adrift
  • Fishing huts
  • IO DS (1-5)
  • Seven Rock Rock
  • Arch of the desert
  • Wind energy building
  • Mounds of rock
  • Loot Lake Island
  • great bridge
  • Tropical temple in ruins
  • Boat Rental
  • Puddle
  • Barn Butter
  • Ravine wreck
  • Van Life
  • Hidden village
  • Block House
  • Seven Base rockets
  • Impossible Rock
  • Farm of llama
  • Recording dock
  • Fattoria Raptor
  • Gage
  • Desert oasis
  • Ruined temple jungle
  • Nursery
  • Logging hut
  • Nautical Club

The impostors mode will allow you to earn the initial experience, before Epic revises it

Playing time: 700 XP
Game started: 1000 XP
Match Won: 2000 XP
Game completed: 2000 XP
Eliminations as Impostor: 2000 XP
Sabotage as an impostor: 1000 XP
Objectives completed as an Agent: 2000 XP

New Strings

  • Spider-Man’s web shooter
  • Hold to swing
  • Chonkers has nothing on this beast.
  • All messed up
  • Side pistol
  • Headgear
  • Foundation plasma spike
  • Black Ice (nome del set)

Season 1 milestones

  • Shopping bars
  • Place in the top 10
  • Destroy the opposing structures
  • Eliminations
  • Harms opponents
  • Handcrafted items
  • Restart teammates
  • Purchases of vending machines
  • Consume foraged items
  • Travel distance by vehicle
  • Collection materials
  • Usa Banage/Medkits
  • Complete Week 1-Week 10 Challenges
  • Rewards completed
  • Thank the bus driver
  • Wildlife hunting
  • Catch fish
  • Look for chests or ammo boxes
  • Open Vault
  • Ingots spent

New Season 1 quest strings

  • Audio record
  • Dice
  • Hidden logs
  • Hidden conversation
  • Victory crown

We conclude with the photo gallery with all the news:

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