Vodafone, a Christmas gift for some customers: this offer has 100 giga and Happy Black included

A new Vodafone offer is now available with 100 gigabytes included to surf the Internet and the Vodafone Happy Black service for free. Here is who will be able to activate it

The new Vodafone offer available throughout the Christmas period (AdobeStock)

Vodafone winks at users under 18, proposing to them a rechargeable offer with 100 gigabytes of data traffic at a competitive price. As anticipated by Mondomobileweb, the operator in red hues has in fact launched the marketing of the promotion Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition, reserved exclusively for new users under the age of eighteen. The subscription must take place by next January 16, unless there are any changes, and will involve all Vodafone stores participating in the initiative.

A real Christmas gift to unwrap for those who, within the age limits indicated above, want to activate one new SIM card and benefit from a rechargeable offer with 100 gigabytes of data traffic. Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition it puts on the plate the availability of unlimited minutes of calls to all national fixed and mobile numbers, unlimited messages to all national numbers and the above quantity to surf the Internet under the Vodafone network at the network speed of 4G +; the rate has a monthly cost of 9.99 euros.

The promotion is enhanced by the free inclusion of some services normally provided by the Berkshire operator, such as the “Call me & Recall” availability options, listening to the answering machine and, above all, the loyalty package “Vodafone Happy Black“, Which allows you to benefit from discounts and bonuses thanks to partnership with third-party companies.

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How to activate the Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition offer

Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition can also be activated by Iliad users and by some virtual operators (AdobeStock)

To activate Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition therefore three general conditions must be met:

  1. Be no older than eighteen
  2. Activate a new number, as the so-called portability of any telephone number already active on another operator is not allowed
  3. Go to one of the participating stores by January 16th

The new customer will also have to incur a activation fee of € 6.01, to which the cost of the new SIM, normally at the discretion of the manager: the card can also be requested in eSIM format.

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For those over eighteen, there is another way to activate the offer Vodafone Special 100 Digital Edition: for those who have an active number on the Iliad network, Fastweb and other “minor” virtual operators, it will in fact be possible carry out portability and subscribe to the promotion at starting prices from 9.99 euros per month.

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