Low-priced pirate subscriptions: dismantled a millionaire business, the users are also at risk

The “IPTV Special” operation dismantled a facility that was selling pirate subscriptions at low prices. Administrative fines imposed on 49 resellers, while the position of 65,000 end users is now being assessed

News on the “IPTV Special” operation (Unsplash)

Another hard blow to the so-called “pezzottoWas inflicted in the past few hours by the Economic-Financial Police Unit of the Guardia di Finanza of Venice. That after having concluded the ritual investigations aimed at ascertaining the existence of a criminal organization dedicated to the transmission of pirated content, with the streaming of football matches, has sanctioned 49 resellers of illegal subscriptions, contesting administrative violations in the field of copyright for a value that overall is around five hundred thousand euros. Report seventy people and now you look at the position of the end users, i.e. the direct users of pirate services.

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Low Price Pirate Subscriptions: The Pyramid Structure of the Network

Low-priced pirate subscriptions were sold due to the existence of a three-tier organization (Unsplash)

The survey called “IPTV Special“Started at the instigation of the Public Prosecutor of Teramo and shed light on a complex pyramidal structure organized on three levels capable of producing a round of 65 thousand illegal subscriptions to the main pay TV platforms. At the head of the association were the “technicians”, ie those who were involved in decrypting the pay-TV signal (SKY, DAZN, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Mediaset Premium, and so on) and taking care of the financial aspects of the network . In the interlude, the 49 retailers mentioned at the beginning of the article were located: the latter, in fact, bought the pirated contents and then resold them as small entrepreneurs, thus creating a network of customers. And these represented the third level of the organization, managing to make use of illegal content purchased by the latter and conveyed through the technical maneuvers of the former. The turnover produced by the entire structure has been quantified approximately around million euros.

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The surveys show that the network of end users of pirate subscriptions extends like wildfire throughout Italy and, as often happens in these cases, the flat rate paid to watch paid content was rather low. The operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Venice led to theblackout of the website used by pirate accounts and for the seizure of related material, hardware and software, as well as debit cards. Pending any charges leading to the criminal field, the investigations will now lead to the 65,000 users of the low price pirate subscriptions, in an attempt to ascertain the individual responsibilities of each user.


Lowpriced pirate subscriptions dismantled millionaire business users risk

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