Rockstar announces postponement for GTA, the new date is far away

Rockstar has announced an unexpected postponement for GTA. This is a decision that had to take several things into account. Let’s see them together

Rockstar decides the postponement of gta (source

Quite a sore thing for the world of Grand Theft Auto. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games found itself having to postpone one of its titles from the GTA saga. Let’s find out what game we are talking about and what is the reason that led the company to such a decision. The company’s action probably lies in the presence of a particular update, which affected the title of GTA.

This would have made it really necessary to postpone the release of the same, to try to be able to offer a problem-free experience and that everything works for the best. We are talking about a trilogy. In fact, the company, in a tweet, confesses that the release of the long-awaited title by the public has undergone a very important change. Let’s see everything that revolves around the story.

GTA doesn’t come out until things are sorted out, Rockstar announces

Rockstar decides the postponement of gta (source twitter)

The physical version of GTA Trilogy was postponed for 10 days. The cause to be attributed to the update includes 100 corrections, misspellings in the signs, problems during the rain in the game and more. Plus, for all San Andreas fans, the famous foggy horizon should have been reintroduced as well. A treat for lovers not to be underestimated.

The thing that most puzzled fans of the world of Grand Theft Auro was, in addition to the large number of bugs, the lack of many particularities in the 3 games that made them famous. For example some soundtracks, the classic tricks that could be done in game to have access to certain objects. In short, details that certainly cannot be missing in video games that have made the history of the saga and that still today are enormously successful.

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All of this came even before its launch, that’s why the massive update of GTA Trilogy. Therefore, the physical version will no longer be released on December 7th, but will postpone everything to the 17th of the same month. The fate for Nintendo Switch, however, is even more fatal. In fact, for all owners of the iconic Nintendo home console, the news of the release is still postponed until a later date. We only know that it will happen in 2022.

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