GTA V reaches a level of photorealism beyond next-gen

GTA V reaches a level of photorealism beyond next-gen
GTA V reaches a level of photorealism beyond next-gen

Grand Theft Auto V (O GTA V, as you know) is almost ready to make its debut on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S over the next few months, although PC gamers can already enjoy a next-gen experience with the right mod.

The fifth episode of the franchise is in fact one of those titles that have entered the Olympus of the most famous and played of all time, so much so that the wait for the sixth chapter is truly enormous.

It matters little if the recent launch of the GTA Trilogy turned out to be a half disaster, fans will continue to love the franchise unconditionally.

Not to mention that just last November, GTA V has reached another incredible milestone, which to define epochal is absolutely reductive.

“I’ll take the old one!” (cit.)

Now, as reported by Wccftech, German modder Digital Dreams shared a new video at a resolution of 8K showing the open-world game developed by Rockstar with the ray tracing Reshade e le mod QuantV, GTAV Real Buildings e Realistic Traffic.

Unsurprisingly, all these additions allow the fifth chapter of Grand Theft Auto to reach new levels of photorealism, almost beyond the next-gen.

Find the spectacular movie in the player below (be careful not to drop your jaw to the ground in amazement):

If you love the series in its entirety, come on SpazioGames also find our ranking of the best and worst chapters in the series GTA, pending the sixth official chapter.

If you like, take a look at our review of GTA Trilogy, in which we reveal the strengths and weaknesses of this controversial compilation.

Always the trilogy of GTA classic has also seen retail copies postponed to next year, perhaps due to the recent optimization problems of the three titles.

If you have not yet recovered the last chapter of the saga, you can buy GTA V Premium Edition at a special price on Amazon.

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